How To Borrow Data From Glo Network

how to borrow Data From Glo

Do you want to know how to borrow data from Glo? Then you’re on the right track. You can easily borrow data now on Glo thanks to the Glo Borrow Me Data platform created by Glo. This is perfect for when you’re stranded at a location and you need to make an urgent chat, video call or text.

You can now get the data from Glo, make your urgent chats and browse the internet and then pay back later. The USSD code for borrowing data (MB) on Glo for free and pay later with recharge cards are attached below. You can also subscribe for Glo data bundles for free and pay later when you recharge.

How To Qualify To Borrow Data From Glo?

Before you can be able to borrow data on Glo you have to be a customer on the network for some time. The data you will be able to borrow will depend on the average monthly data usage of the customer.

How Do I Borrow Data From Glo?

• Simply dial *321# from a Glo line and follow the prompts menus. You can also select how much you want to borrow.

How Do I Repay Borrowed Data From Glo?

Now that you have learned how to borrow data from Glo, To pay back you will need to recharge your number and the money will be deducted. You are advised to load more than you borrowed, so you will have extra airtime left.


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