How To Borrow Data From MTN Network

How To Borrow Data From MTN Network

Want to learn how to borrow data from MTN network easily and fast? Then you’re on the right page. MTN XtraBytes allows users to borrow data whenever you need to make that urgent chat or video call someone.

Instead of borrowing credit for data subscription, you can now borrow data directly thanks to the MTN XtraBytes code below. Let’s just say it’s the MTN XtraTime for data. MTN also stressed that this plan to help users stay connected even when stranded or can’t afford to pay for a subscription plan yet.

How To Borrow Data from MTN XtraBytes

Borrowing with MTN XtraBytes is really simple. Although you have to be eligible and the data you can borrow totally depends on T&C. You have to dial *606# to subscribe or check if you’re eligible. You should be able to borrow 10MB, 30MB, 100MB, 200MB and 750MB depending on your previous data subscriptions.

How To Check MTN XtraBytes Balance

Simply dial *606# and follow the prompts to see your data balance. You won’t be allowed to borrow against till you pay up the one you previously borrowed.

How To Pay Back MTN XtraBytes Balance

MTN will deduct the equivalent of the amount you borrowed via airtime immediately you recharge your line. You need to know all these before you borrow data on MTN.


  1. when i dial 606 it is telling me am not eligible and so on ,i need the code to press to get direct data


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