How to Browse Offline on Google Chrome for Android

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The latest Google’s Chrome update allows Google Chrome users on Android to browse offline on Google chrome and download full internet pages and access them without internet connection. 

The new features comes handy for people living in areas of poor internet or with no Internet connection at all. Google wants everyone to be able to access the Internet no matter where they live, just like how Facebook has been providing free Internet access to lot of websites in developing countries.

According to Google’s official blog, it states that Google is making it easier for you to get back to the content you’ve downloaded. When you open a new tab, you will see articles that you have downloaded tagged with a new offline badge.  We will also show a list of your recent downloads right on the page for easy access.”

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Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers on mobile devices and Google is not ready to give its position to rival browser- Firefox hence the need for this new update.

How to Browse Offline on Google Chrome for Android

Listed below are procedure to browse offline on Google chrome for android.

  • Go to Google Play store and update your Chrome browser if it’s not the latest version.
  • Launch the Chrome browser and load a web page you would like to save offline.
  • Long-press on the URL on the web site that top of the page or any other link in the page you want to save offline.
  • Select Download link from the available options.
  • The page will be downloaded. You can find this on your recent downloads tab.
  • You now start to browse offline on Google Chrome.

In case you were browsing online and your internet connection suddenly becomes weak or goes off, Chrome’s offline dinosaur appears with a DOWNLOAD PAGE LATER option beneath your screen. If you select the option the page gets downloaded for offline read as soon as you have an internet connection.


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