How to Buy Airtime from Your Diamond Bank Account


Buying airtime from your bank account offers you an hassle-free transaction and allows you to be informed with events happening around you and be on the go at all times. It is relatively easy to access anytime and anywhere, which means you do not necessarily have to buy from recharge card vendors around before getting your line recharged. Are you a new or existing customer with Diamond bank? Have you been looking for how you can get airtime straight from your Diamond bank account? This article expounds how to do that via Diamond special USSD code.

Connect with family and friends, constantly, at the comfort of your home; send and receive information relevant to your business regularly, and solve business problems as they occur. Nowadays, people can hardly live a moment without being with their phone and there is always the need to ensure constant availability of airtime on your device to reach out when the need arises. With this mobile banking feature, you can replenish your airtime on all major networks available in Nigeria.

How to Recharge Your Phone Using Diamond Bank USSD Code

To start with, using Diamond Bank mobile banking feature comes with some basic requirements which must be religiously met by in order to have a smooth transaction. They include the following: Ensure you register an account with Diamond bank; link your preferred mobile number to your Diamond bank account; and have enough fund on your account at the time of recharge. There are a number of ways you go about this.

  • Proceed by dialing “*937*Amount# only from the registered mobile number and you will be credited with the amount, immediately. As an example: Dial *937*1500# to buy N1500 worth of airtime on your phone. Note that you can only recharge N3000 per day at maximum.


  • Dial *904*Amount# from your registered mobile number with the bank. As an example: Dial *904*1000# to top up your phone with N1000 which will be deducted instantly from your Diamond bank account and credited to your mobile number.
  • Lastly, you can also top up by dialing “302*Amount# for the same result. As an example: Dial *302*2000# to recharge your phone with N2000.

While for MTN Y’ello account holders simply dial * 710*555*PHONENUMBER*AMOUNT*PIN#. For example, dial *710*555*08040000000*500*0000# to recharge your phone with N500.

How to Recharge A Friend or AnotherNumber Using Diamond Bank USSD Code

Diamond Bank also supports third-party recharge using your registered mobile number. It’s very easy to do, just dial *937*PHONENUMBER*AMOUNT# for any of the major networks in Nigeria. For example, dial *937*08020000000*1000#, to buy N1000 airtime on the mobile number provided and the amount will be credited accordingly.

Advantages of Diamond Bank Mobile Top-up

Airtime purchase on Diamond bank account is widely accepted due to its simplicity, fast, and reliability status. Just with some few clicks, you can buy airtime on your mobile phone 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and everything happening instantly. Doing this gives you no physical or mental stress at all while meeting your talking needs.

This advancement in banking technology is applicable to all Networks — GLO, MTN, 9Mobile, and Airtel. It allows you to choose from any of your numerous Naira accounts linked to the registered mobile number with the bank. Dialling the Diamond bank USSD code on a mobile number not registered with the bank is practically a waste of time.

Now you know every bit of tips to get you started. So save yourself the stress by using Diamond Bank Airtime recharge system and keeping up with the time, always.

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