How to Change Airdrop Name From iPhone, iPod, and Mac

How to Change Airdrop Name From iPhone, iPod, and Mac

AirDrop makes it possible for you to customize your device name easily and share files saved on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac to other Apple devices efficiently. To achieve this, AirDrop uses Bluetooth LE technology which enables it to discover, transmission, and transfer along a connection line.

This is one cool way to transfer data such as photos, videos, contacts, and other digital products shared to another storage capacity via this safe connection.

One obvious gap in using AirDrop is that it does not come with a unique ID and this, therefore, makes it necessary to define the name of your choice uniquely. You notice this the moment you attempt using AirDrop to dish out data files between Apple devices, where it will present you with plenty of other Apple user IDs to choose from.

How to Change Airdrop Name From iPhone, iPod, and Mac

However, taking multiple guesses of your Apple ID among the many devices around can be very risky because classified data content might fall in the wrong hand in the process.

How to Change Your Apple Device AirDrop Name

To leave the web of having a generic AirDrop name to be distinguished from other Apple devices likely to be on the same Wi-Fi as you, you definitely must fix it to be certain that what you are sending is going to the right device.

Changing Airdrop Name on iPhone

AirDrop is no doubt an incredibly smart approach to achieve your file sharing need, and this can be done in simple ways as explained below:

  • Go to the “Settings” icon on your Apple device.
  • Navigate to “General” From Settings.
  • Hit the “About” option.
  • Next, tap on your device name and change accordingly.
  • Hit “Done” when finished.

Changing Airdrop Name on Mac

File sharing is not only limited to the iPhone and iPod because there will be times when you will need to transfer your file to a much larger storage system that smaller mobile devices were not built for. This is where the knowledge of naming your AirDrop for transfer of data paramount for Mac users. When you attempt sharing files on your iPhone to Mac, you will discover a device named “Unknown”. Mac system does not come name, so you get this unknown device name by default. For easy identification, follow the steps below to customize your Mac OS for AirDrop.

  • On your Mac, navigate to the Menu bar and click on “System Preferences”.
  • Click on “Sharing”.
  • Now, type your preferred name for your Mac in “Computer Name” box.
  • Close the window when you are done.

Now that you are in the know on how to change AirDrop’s name, you will easily share data files to and from your Mac and other Apple devices.

Changing Airdrop Name on iPod

Follow the steps below to customize the name of your iPod.

  • Connect your iPod device to your computer. Don’t worry about the version here.
  • Open iTunes from your computer.
  • Locate your device and then click on it.
  • Navigate to the top of the left sidebar to change the name.
  • Type in your preferred name and click “Enter”.
  • You have successfully synched your device and iTunes. Henceforth, this name will appear on your iPod each time you want to AirDrop.

Let me chip in this: One possible encounter you might have when attempting an AirDrop is not being able to see the other device. This is what I recommend you do first: check whether both devices’ Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on; if not, go ahead and turn it on. Also, ensure both devices are within the range of 30 feet (9 meters).


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