How to Change or Reset Forgotten Google Password Easily

How to change or reset forgotten Google password Easily

Here we will be looking at how you can change or reset forgotten Google password. If you own an Android device, which a good chunk of smartphone users do, then you most definitely have a Google account which is necessary and needed to run and use some Google apps like Chrome Browser, Gmail, Google Play Store etc.

Even some iPhone users make use of some Google services like Google Photos which require a Google account. Now, it is advised you use different passwords for all the different accounts you have on various websites and apps. This makes each and every one of your accounts secure so in the event that one of them gets compromised, the rest still remain secure. However, this often leads to a whole lot of passwords, especially if you have lots of online accounts and ultimately leads to you forgetting some of those passwords.

This is actually Normal and almost if not all websites have a way to get back your password in this kind of situation. As for Google, the method is pretty simple and straightforward and we will be walking you through the process involved in this tutorial.

How To Change Or Reset Forgotten Google Password Easily

Now, there are two ways to do this and the route you go will depend on your situation.

Method 1 is for people who are still logged in to their Google account but don’t remember their passwords, probably due to the browser you’ve been using automatically Saving your password since the first day you logged in and automatically logging you since then.

Method 2, on the other hand, is for those who do not have access to their account at all, most likely people who have their phone stolen, lost or changed and don’t remember the password of their Google account. Either way, there is a Solution for you.

Method 1: Change Or Reset Forgotten Google Password

  1.  Access your Google Account by going to the My Account Page (
  2. In your account, Under “Sign-in & Security” Simply Click on “Signing into Google”
  3. Now Choose “Password” and if you see a prompt to sign in again, do that.
  4. You can now enter a new password and Select “Change Password” to Change your password. You’ll get an email to your Gmail account notifying you of the change upon successfully changing it.

Method 2: Change Or Reset Forgotten Google Password

If you do not have access to your Google account then you might want to take this second approach.

  1. First, Log on to the Google Account Support Page (
  2. Follow the instruction provided by Google and you’ll get your email account sent to your backup email address in no time. Be sure to also check spam and bulk mail folders on your backup email if you don’t see it in an inbox.
  3. If you didn’t add a secondary email to your Google account then you can also use the phone number attached to your Google to retrieve the account. Google will send a one time password to that phone number attached to the Google account which will be used to reset your password.

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Google also recommends that Google account users should at least change their password once or more every 3months, as long as you can remember the new password of course. You should always make sure that you have access your alternative email address and the phone number attached to your Google account is always up-to-date with your current number. If you have any more questions, feel free to leave us a comment down in the comment section below.


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