How to Change Your Snapchat Username — Simple Guide


Snapchat — designed by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown — is one of the major multimedia messaging apps globally with over 187 million daily active users. Available in 22 languages, it was initially released in September 2011. Occasionally, as a Snapchat user, you might feel like changing your username for one reason or the other.

You would think that to do so, all that is required of you is to go to settings on and click on your username to edit it. Unfortunately, the platform does not permit users to change their usernames for security reasons. But there’s a way out of this problem: Replace your username with a custom Display Name. While your username will remain unchanged, it will barely be visible to friends. What are the steps to take to use this method? This is our focus in this post.

How to Change Your Snapchat Username

Step 1. Go to Your Snapchat Settings

Launch the Snapchat app and head to your profile by tapping your profile/Bitmoji icon in the top left corner of the screen. In the top right corner of your device screen, click on the gear icon to go to Settings.

Step 2. Edit or Add Your Display Name

The first 2 account settings you will see are Name and Username. You will notice if you tap your username, you will not be able to do anything with it other than sharing it via another app. Proceed by

  • Tapping Name.
  • Adding or editing your First Name and Last Name fields on getting to the ensuing tab. You may choose to leave the Last Name field blank if you want.
  • Hitting the Save option that you will see after making your changes.

Step 3. Check Your New Display Name in Your Profile

So long you’ve something saved in the Name fields from step 2 above, it’ll show up in the chats and stories of all your friends instead of your username.

The only time your username will be visible to a friend is when they start chatting with you and hit the hamburger icon, which will bring a small summary of your profile containing your snapcode, name, username, snap score as well as chat emojis. They might also see it if they tap on your Display Name while searching for friends.

After saving your Display Name, use the back arrows in the top left of your phone screen to go back to your profile and confirm your new name is beneath your snapcode.

If you don’t like this method, alternatively you can delete your Snapchat account and create a new one with your desired name.

How to Make a New Snapchat Account

This method might not be the best especially if you have been using the platform for a fairly long time and have established a relationship with a lot of friends. Once you delete your account, you might need to start adding them again manually.

If you still want to continue, creating a new account is easy and fast. To do this, navigate to, hit Create Account, and supply your details in the form. Ensure that you in out your new preferred username. When you are ready, tap Sign Up and Accept. That’s all!


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