How To Check 9Mobile Phone Number Easily

Check 9Mobile Phone Number

In this post, we will be showing you how to check 9Mobile phone number easily. After purchasing your 9Mobile SIM, of course the number will be boldly written on the SIM pack. But what if the SIM pack gets missing and you didn’t save your number, you might want to know your 9Mobile phone number.

Unlike on Etisalat, checking your number on 9Mobile is completely different. The USSD Code to check your 9Mobile phone number is listed below. With this, you can easily know your phone number anytime you want easily. You can now give your phone number to colleagues and friends, without actually saving it on your contact list.

If you can’t remember the USSD code below then you can actually save it on your contact list and use it anytime you want. Yes, you don’t need to flash anyone before you know your 9Mobile phone number. Simply follow any of the methods below to know your 9mobile number below on your smartphone.

How To Check 9Mobile Phone Number

You can check the number by following any of the two steps below

  • Dial *248# and your number will appear on the screen.
  • Call 9mobile Customer Care Number on 200 and request for your mobile number.


Explained above is how to check 9Mobile phone number. We always recommend you dial *248#, because calling the customer care number and following the prompts might take time.


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