How to Check Account Balance On 9mobile

Check Account Balance On 9mobile

In this article, you will know how to check account balance on 9mobile. 9mobile (previously known as Etisalat) is one of Nigeria’s leading telecommunications company. With the numerous times we call or subscribe to a data plan, it’s very healthy to check our data balance once in a while and see how much we have left.

Have you forgotten how to check your balance on 9mobile? It’s very normal to forget because of lots of things running through our mind every day. You don’t have to worry anymore, I’ll be showing you how to check account balance on 9mobile below.

What is the code for checking account balance on 9mobile?

To know your account balance is very fast and easy on 9mobile, Simply dial *232#. Once you dial this code, your account balance will pop-up on your phone immediately. You will also receive an SMS that details your account balance as well. No matter the tariff plan you are on, from MoreTalk, MoreCliq, MoreFlex, MoreLife, MoreFlex evolution, TalkZone, and CliqLite. You can use the code above and check your account balance.

However, these tariff plans might have different bonus account balance and you can’t use the code above to see bonus balance. If you want to check 9mobile data balance, check below.

How to check data balance on 9mobile

This is also very simple just like how to check account balance on 9mobile. To check data balance, simply dial *228#. So if you have data bonus from your tariff plan airtime recharge, you can confirm and check the balance using this same code. Through this code, you’ll be able to see your data plan status, balance, and expiry date. If you’re into SMS, you can text “INFO” to 228. You should receive an SMS containing your data plan status, balance, and expiry date as well.

For more information, simply visit the 9mobile official website at or dial 200 to speak to one of its customer care representatives.


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