How to completely block, erase and track all phones through IMEI codes

block stolen phone

You just lost your phone and you are looking for how to block stolen phone through IMEI. It is a sad thing when your phone gets stolen. Surely you want to block it and prevent the thieves from using it or reselling. However IMEI code is not only meant for destroying phones. Through IMEI you might be able to track your phone down using GPS system. But you would have to register on the web site first and follow the instructions.

How to block stolen phone through IMEI.

To block your stolen phone through IMEI code, you’ll have to contact your network provider to dam your IMEI range. They may require you to provide a Police FIR copy for them to dam your IMEI range. Ideally, the network providers are using shared service to block IMEI number. If you block IMEI number in one network, it will be blocked all other mobile networks. But you can still call all the major network providers to work it faster.

Call all the major GSM operators CC

For MTN, the number to call to block your phone is 181 or 180
For ZAIN, the number to call to block your phone is 111
For GLO,  the number to call to block your phone is 121

For Etisalat, the number to call to block your phone is 200
u can include NTEL & SMILE if you like.

During each call, supply the Customer care representative with the IMEI number and other details like make & model and the day the device was stolen.

Pls note that you can check your phone’s IMEI by dialling *#06#

How to completely erase a stolen iPhone

Thanks to iCloud, you can now locate and remotely erase any iPhone. While you still have the device, head to Settings > iCloud and turn on Find My iPhone if it isn’t already enabled. If you lose your phone, you can find it either by installing the free Find My iPhone app on another iOS device, or by visiting, signing in, and using Apple’s Web-based Find My iPhone app. With either tool, you can remotely lock the phone with a passcode if you haven’t already, send a message to it, play a sound, or remotely wipe the phone.

How to completely erase a stolen Android phone

Android Lost adds remote find and wipe capability, and also lets you set a password and lock the SIM card slot. You can even sound an alarm when the phone is on silent—perfect for finding it when it’s buried in the couch cushions. We’re particularly fond of Android Lost because you can push the app to the phone from Google Play (formerly the Android Market) remotely. In a corporate setting, IT managers deploying Android devices can enable native remote wipe capability by installing Google Apps Device Policy

, though it can’t be added retroactively.

How to completely erase a stolen Windows Phone

For any Windows Phone 7 or 7.5 device, head to on a desktop or laptop PC and sign in. Then click My Phone. From here, you can locate the phone with GPS, erase all the data, lock the phone and display a message, or change your password. Microsoft also lets you set the phone itself to save its location every few hours; this helps if you lose the phone later and the battery dies, since it will have reported its last known location. To do so, head to Start > App List > Settings and tap Find My Phone.

With the above steps and guides above you will be able to block, track and erase any stolen phone through the IMEI code. We hope the tutorial will help your problem of how to block stolen phone through IMEI?


  1. i just tried calling 200 for etisalat but it didnt work for me. the call is not going

  2. How do I change the serial number/ imei of Nokia C6-01 and Nokia 2370 classic that I bought as used phones?

  3. – these guys can help you track/find a lost/stolen iphone using IMEI or Serial number.
    What they do is track an iphone via IMEI or Serial number, you will need to have it on hand – you can find it on the box from your stolen/lost iphone.
    They helped me to find my stolen iphone by IMEI and I got it back using their information and reports. They send very useful information.


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