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How to contact GOTV customer care service

How to contact GOTV customer care service

How to contact GOTV customer care service

This post is a tutorial on how to contact GOTV customer care service. As a GOTV subscriber or an aspiring GOTV subscriber, There are various reasons why you might need to contact their customer care service. Whether you want to know how much is the GOTV decoder, how to subscribe to the subscription plans, how to get details on the channels and how to make online payments, etc.

One way or another, you will need one of the details I will that will be listed below in this article. GOTV customer care service is always reachable by any means suitable to you. So whether you are phone call person, always receive email messages on your device or you are a social media freak. Even if you are a face to face person, there are various ways to contact the GOTV customer care service.

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Here’s how to contact GOTV customer care service;

1) GOTV customer care contact number: You can always call this number (08039044688) for swift help and response. Although you will be charged at the normal call rate depending solely on your network provider.

2) GOTV customer care address: If you are one of those that love getting things done face to face, then you should visit their office. Their main customer care office address in Nigeria is at Plot 1381, Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Lagos State.

3) GOTV customer care website: You can also visit their website (nigeria.gotvafrica.com). Click on the live chat channel, and begin a live chat with their customer representative. You can also click on the contact page on their site to send your request and they will reply by email.

4) GOTV customer care email address: You can send them a direct email message to ([email protected]) and await their response. Although it may take them hours to reply, at least you wouldn’t spend much airtime or data.

5) GOTV customer care social media accounts: This method has been really helpful to lots of GOTV customers because they tend to reply within minutes. You can reach them via Twitter (@gotvng), and Facebook (facebook.com/gotvng).


  1. I recharged my Gotv on the 22nd of August via access bank account and was charged twice for the transaction and was not refunded. I thought Gotv will carry it over to the next month but was surprise to see that my Channels are scrambled already by yesterday the 22nd of September. Every attempt to call the customer care number online seems futile. Gotv please see to this complain and help rectify the issue, my iuc no is:4613696131, Isah Asiyo.

  2. i subscribed my gotv days back and still not working or showing any channel except nta1, which mostly scrambled. kindly sort out this issue pls. my iuc number :7023744438.

  3. I recharged my gotv account via online and nothing is shoeing, my iuc number is 4613537408

  4. I recharge my gotv account but its not working and when I call customers care,I have been suspended pls kindly reactivate it 4601682808

  5. hi, I am currently on Gotv plus but the channels such as M movie, zeaworld, etc are not showing. my IUCI number is 7023605748

  6. I recharged my Gotv with this IUC no 4620829799 over one hour now but nothing is showing.

  7. gud afternoon my name is olaonipekun olaniyi abolaji av just paid the sum of #1,900 through my online bank account to reactivate my GOTV decoder IUC no 2009408313 at exactly 3 10pm this afternoon, but unfortunately my decoder is still showing the E16 error kindly cross-check

  8. I subscribed my Gotv and it hasn’t come up it’s been two days now my iuc is 4623346615. Pls fix asap.

  9. I subscribed for gitv plus but can’t view all necessary station, please do the necessary asap…iuc number is 4613693297

  10. I recharged for gotv plus which is 1900 but the channels I am viewing are not complete for that 1900 and my IUC number is 7020820577

  11. I paid for gotv plus since 14/09/2018,till now, I don’t have access to my account. I have tried the easy self service available, still can’t access what I paid for. Quickly fix the problem IUC :4613399299

  12. we subscribed to GoTV of #1900 after it works for about two hours..the thing just went off and said it has expired please help to correct this mistake….. Name Oyekunle…
    IUC no 2028919616

  13. Please kindly rectify the issue with my gotv subscription have made payment on 09/09/18 but still not working. Have tried to reset by I was notified my account has been suspended. Please do the needful.

  14. Pls help some stations are not showing iuc no 4613781820 you can can contact 07039688256

  15. I make payment for gotv since 22 of august till now is not yet working
    Uic no 7023574269
    Phone no 08066577792

  16. I have jus made a payment 4 ma gotv subscription BT still not showing ma ulc number z 2014246732 please kindly help

  17. Please I just subscribed and it has not been activated my IUC number is 2005096009 phone number 08038596912

  18. I subscriber my GOTV 13/7/2018 with quick teller,#1900 my iuc number is 4613621923 I,m Joshua EKPANG. Pls activated my decode, thanks.

  19. I mistakely made payment for gotv sub. to iuc no 2021997932 instead of 2021997935. From my fbn mobil app.please gotv help me to correct the error. Phone number 08065038339

  20. Pls help some stations not showing iuc no 4613782986 u can pls contact me on 08080706090.thank u

  21. Please I mistakenly subscribe 1350 on gotv and latter subscribe 1900 which is the package I always paid for since last night till now am not able to view anything.

  22. Please i got a new gotv and they are saying the subscription is expired,meanwhile its not due yet,please rectify it..my Iuc no 7020936032…phone number 07067134013. Thanks

  23. My IUC no is 2028637423. Why is my monthly recharge #3650 as against #1900?. Tel no. 08138822278

  24. Please is it possible to subscribe for Go TV plus when you have been upgraded to Max.? Because I want to do that now

  25. Hello good day ….My IUC no is 2022130285. I just recharged my gotv today 14/06/2018 and yet I haven’t been connected. Please do something.

  26. Good morning, I recharge my Gotv yesterday, 19th of May, 2018, till now, it hasn’t reflect on the decoder.
    IUC No. 7020892266

  27. My IUC no is 2022061007. I just recharged my gotv today 18/05/2018 and yet I haven’t been connected. Please do do something about this thanks

  28. Hi.I make payment for gotv since 5th of April till now is not yet working
    Uic no 2029096414
    Phone no 08142762007

  29. Hi my name Collins igbinedion I made a subscription payment for Gotv since on Thursday 26 2018 but it has not been activated, IUC 4601658788 Phone 08037953339 Truncation REF number 10942555915544


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