How To Copy and Paste Text With Google Lens

How To Copy Text with Google Lens

A simple guide on how to copy text with Google Lens. Google lens is one of the best Google services one can use, especially for educational purposes. It can scan out barcodes and also identify certain objects in the real world. This article provides guides on how you can copy text with Google Lens and paste it where you intend to use it.

For example, the feature lets students copy notes from the blackboard in the classroom and transfer it to their computer or phone.

How To Copy Text with Google Lens

What are the uses of Google Text Features?

Before now, Google lens was available in Google Play as a standalone app but currently, you can make use of Google from Google Photo and also in your default camera app. If your phone is supported say the Infinix Note 5, you can start using Google Lens from your phone camera. So which devices currently support Google Lens?. Students can use this on:
a) iPhones and iPads
b) Tablets and Android phones
c) Chromebooks utilising Android app and Google Play. Many Chrome books are coming out and you can check from the list from Google.

How Do You Copy And Paste Text Using Google Lens?

How To Copy Text with Google Lens

Whether you are opening it from an application or with your phone camera, the process below apply:

  • If you have it as an app, open the application or locate the Google Lens icon within the camera your phone.
  • Tap on ‘continue’ and tap the text you want Google Lens to scan out for words and letters. You can then drag the circle towards the end of the text to the bigger section
    Tap the ‘copy’ in the menu and this is above the section.
  • Open the document or the application you intend copying. Press the cursor for some time in your document or application to bring out the menu for selection.
  • Tap on the ‘paste’ option

How to Copy and Paste Text With Google Lens In Google Photos

Google Photo is an excellent Gallery app that arranges your photos in an album. You can as well use Google Lens from your Google Photos. You might ask how?

It is quite simple and using Google Lens in Google Photos is more efficient than even the Google Lens app. This because you can take pictures of the text you will like to copy, then open the Google lens to analyse and copy it out.

  • Locate and Open the Google Photos
  • Click the picture you want to get the text from.
  • Tap on the icon for Google and this is at the right corner of the bottom.
  • Tap on text selection to highlight the text you intend to copy.
  • You can then long-press on the text and copy them out.
  • Finally, long-press to paste the text where you want it to be


Whether it is to copy notes from class or copy some billing information from your invoice, Google Lens lets you do that. It is something that saves time and it is convenient. Scan through the text after you save it on Google or Google Drive.

This is to ensure there is no misspelling or out leave out words that change context. Google Lens tends to become better and as more people utilise it. You can use Google Lens as an external application or as a default application. Don’t forget to share your opinions with us on this tutorial-how to Copy Text with Google Lens


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