How to Create TWRP For MediaTek Devices


How to create TWRP for Mediatek phones

TWRP is a custom touch recovery similar to CWM, but with more functions than CWM.Below is a steps by steps procedure on how to create TWRP for all Mediatek -powered devices.

create TWRP

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create TWRP recovery on an already rooted phone.

What you will need to create TWRP

1. MTK mobile
2. A USB cable
3. A PC
4. The Easy Ultimate TWRP installer

Stage 1: Preparation
Some of these may or may not be required depending on what you have done so far. If you have:
1. USB debugging enabled
2. ADB drivers installed on PC
3. Have stock firmware or a flash tool backup of
your phone available
4. Are rooted already
5. NVRAM backed up
Then you can skip the following steps and head to the next stage.

1. Download, extract and run TWRP Setup.exe.
There are two different versions, one is TWRP and the other TWRP For KitKat, I recommend For
older Jelly Bean devices, try first.

2. After installing Easy Magic Auto TWRP, if you’re
not ready yet, click “No”. Otherwise, go ahead
and click “Yes”.

3. If you see “What do you wanna do?”, or are
starting the program from TWRP.exe, go ahead
and click “OK” to start Easy Magic Auto TWRP.

4. The next screen that comes up will ask you if you want Auto or manual. At this point click “Yes” to Auto create the TWRP for your MTK6592 MT6572 MTK6582 MTK6595 device.

5. You will then see a set of requirements for the
tool. They are more or less what I went through
in Stage 1 of this tutorial. Assuming you have
completed all of the necessary prerequisites, go
ahead and connect your powered on device to PC
via USB and click “OK”

6. You will then see a series of dialog boxes that tell you some things about your phone that you likely already know. You may get a dialog box that asks if you have a flipped recovery screen. Unless you know your recovery is coming up upside down, you will answer “No” to this.

7. During the install be very aware of root
permission requests on your phone’s screen .
You will want to allow any requests that come up.

8. When the TWRP recovery has succesfully been
made and pushed to your phone, you will then
shut down and boot into recovery by holding the
Power + VolUp (some phones are power button +
VolDown) to make sure that all has completed

End of the tutorial on how to create TWRP for MediaTek devices


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