How to Download AppValley And Use It On iOS

How to Install AppValley in iPhone or iPad?

AppValley gives you the chance to browse through apps of various categories. Even the apps that can’t be downloaded from the Apple Store can be downloaded from AppValley. Another good thing about AppValley is that it even allows you to have the modified version of the app that you want to download. You don’t even need to Jailbreak your iOS device before installing it. Without further ado, let’s see how to download AppValley and use it.

How to Install AppValley in iPhone or iPad?

How to Install AppValley in iPhone or iPad?

You can download and install AppValley in iPhone or iPad by following the simple steps listed below. Before we proceed any further, please make sure you have an iOS device that runs on iOS 9 and above version before installing the app.

• Download AppValley for iOS

• Exit Safari browser and go to your home screen.

• Go to ‘Settings’.

• Scroll down and select ‘General’.

• Click on the ‘Profiles & Device Management’.

• Look for the AppValley profile in the installation list and include it on the list of ‘Trusted Apps’.

• You will receive a prompt to confirm your action, confirm it.

• Go back to the home screen and click on the AppValley app.

You can now use the app to install other apps in your device by searching the app in AppValley and then click on ‘Install’ after which you will be greeted with a message whether you want to install the app on your device and you simply need to confirm it. The app is safe to use on your iOS device, your privacy is also protected and it doesn’t need any necessary permissions in order to operate.


This is how to download AppValley and use it. You can also use the app if your device is jailbroken, it is also suitable for downloading cracked apps, games, tweaks and utilities.


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