How to Play and Install Facebook Gameroom Games

how to play Facebook Gameroom games

This post is about how to download Facebook Gameroom games. Many people have been facing different issues playing Facebook Gameroom games, here you will learn how you can download and play Facebook Gameroom games.

Facebook Gameroom after series of naming changing, beta tests and dev solicitation are now live on PC  and games developers can now take advantage of this by developing games for Facebook gaming Platform. For those who will like to play Facebook Gameroom games, you can download the Gameroom app on a laptop running Windows 7 and above.

In case you haven’t downloaded and install Facebook Gameroom App, you can find how to download and install it here

How to Download Facebook Gameroom Games

Facebook Gameroom is a PC-based gaming platform that allows users to play web ported mobile and native Gameroom games on Facebook PC app free from the interference of the Facebook News Feed. There are many games on the platform which are categorised as shooters, strategy titles, puzzlers and casual games, arcade,  Adventure, Racing etc.

  1. To download and play any game of your choice on Facebook Gameroom, you will need to launch the app
  2. Then select the category of game you will like to pay
  3. Click on your game of choice say like Critical Ops, Tetris battle, ZBlitz, etc.
  4. Click on the play now and a screen will come up asking you for permission to continue with your Facebook name.
  5. Click continue and the game will start downloading which you can now start to enjoy as soon as the game is fully downloaded.

Explained above is how to download Facebook Gameroom games, Lemme know if you are still having a problem playing or download Facebook Gameroom games.

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