How to download Google Installer Apk for Android Devices

How to download Google Installer App APK for Android devices

A typical Android device running the Android operating system comes with some if not most of the Google apps.

These apps include the Google Play Store, Google Mail popularly known as Gmail, Google Maps and more.

Now, In some regions, an Android device which is running the Android operating system comes with at least the Google Play store through which you can download other Google apps.

Unfortunately for some other regions like China, some Android devices like Huawei do not come with the Google Play store and without the Google Play store, you can’t download the Google apps.

Now, getting the Google apps to work on your device isn’t just about downloading the Google Play Store APK file and installing it.

For the Google Play store and other Google apps to work on your Android device, you’ll need some necessary things in place. These things have already been pre-installed on Android devices in some regions hence you are able to use the Google Play store. If it hasn’t been pre-installed in your region, then this is where the Google installer app comes in handy.

What is Google Installer Apk?

Google Installer Apk can be said to be the foundation on which other Google apps run. Without Google installer providing the foundation needed on your Android device, other Google apps won’t run. Some of the apps Google installer provides is the Google Play services and Google Services Framework.

Now that we know all about the Google Installer Apk and what it does, let’s go ahead to discuss how to install it on your Android devices lacking the necessary Google apps.

How To Download and Install Google Installer Apk For Android devices

This is for those Android smartphones in regions that comes without the necessary Google apps. Phones like Xiaomi, Meizu and Huawei just name a few. These aforementioned smartphones and more don’t come with Google apps in regions like China. So if you are facing this issue, simply follow the easy steps below to get Google apps working on your Android phone.

  1. First things first, download the Google Installer App Apk Here.
  2. After Downloading the Google Installer Apk, Head over to Settings >> About Phone >> Tap repeatedly on the “Build Number” till you see “you’re now a developer”
  3. Now, Go back to Settings >> Developer Options >> Look for Mock Locations and Allow it or turn it on.
  4. Locate the Google Installer you just downloaded and install it. You might get prompted to allow installation from unknown sources depending on your settings. Just allow it and install it.
  5. After installing the app, launch it and click on the blue circle. Next, click on the yellow circle.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the Google Services Framework and Allow both terms and conditions.
  7. After doing all that, you should see the Google Play store app on your device (Check app drawer or home screen).
  8. Launch the Google Play store, Log in using your Google account and download the rest of the Google apps from there. Most importantly, Google Play services.

That will be all that are required to run Google apps on your Android device


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