How To Download & Install Google Play Store On Huawei Chinese Phones

How To Download & Install Google Play Store On Huawei Chinese Phones
How To Download & Install Google Play Store On Huawei Chinese Phones

This is a simple guide on how you can Install Google Play Store On Huawei Chinese Phones if you own one. It’s no news that Huawei Smartphones, as well as other Android smartphones for the Chinese market,¬† don’t come with Google suite which includes apps like the Google Play store, Gmail, chrome and the rest. This is as a result of the strict rule and restriction the Chinese government has in place for the Android operating system and subsequently Android smartphones.

However, you can get around the restriction on not just Huawei Chinese smartphones but all other Android smartphones intended for the Chinese market. In this guide, we will be showing ways through which you can get the Google Play Store on your Huawei device.

How To Download and Install Google Play Store App On Huawei Chinese Phones

Getting Google Play store to work on your Huawei Chinese smartphone is more than just downloading and Installing the Google Play store Apk as other things are required for it to work. Now, asides form downloading the Google Play store app which we will get to in a second, you also need to download Google Services Framework which is the foundation on which the Google Play store will run on and Google Play Services which is also needed for Google Play store to function. So first, you’ll need to download the three apps; Google Play Store, Google Play Services and Google Services Framework from the download link provided below.

  • Download Google Play Store Here
  • Download Google Services Framework Here
  • ¬†Download Google Play Services Here

Once you’ve downloaded the three apps above then you’ve completed phase one of the process involved in getting the Google Play store to work on your Huawei Chinese smartphone. Next is to Install all three apps on your smartphone but first, you’ll have to allow the installation of an app from unknown sources. To do this, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Turn on your Huawei Smartphone.
  2. Pull up your app drawer and Click on the Settings App.
  3. Scroll down to “advanced settings” and Click On it, Next Select “Security”.
  4. You should see the option to “allow the Installation app of apps from unknown sources” simply allow or enable it. You might get the warning telling you that it is not safe, ignore it and allow it.

Now that you’ve allowed the Installation of apps from unknown sources, you can now go ahead and install the three apps you’ve downloaded from the links above. Once you’ve successfully installed all three apps above then you can go ahead and laugh the Google Play Store, Log In your Google account or register for a new one in-app and Download any app you want.

If you’re still unable to get the Google Play store working on your Huawei Chinese smartphone or any other Chinese smartphone them simply let us know through the comment section down below.


  1. Dear David,

    I’m using Chinese Huawei DUA-AL and
    I am unable to find “allow the installation app of apps from unknown sources”
    in the Chinese cell phone

    I am in India, please help me installing Google Play store and other apps


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