How to Extend Your Phone Battery Life

extend your phone battery life

Learn the tips and tricks on how to extend phone battery life easily on this post. Let’s face the fact, buying a phone with a massive battery capacity won’t stop you from charging the phone at some point. The power-efficient technology is improving no doubt, but that doesn’t mean it will make your smartphone’s battery lasts for a lifetime.

Latest generation Qualcomm chips helps in improving battery life, but there’s not much the chipset can do if you don’t do your own bit. Even Google integrated an Adaptive Battery mode on the latest Android 9.0 Pie that limits how much power apps you rarely use are allowed to consume.

But all these innovations won’t really preserve your battery life if you misuse it. Even these innovations come at a price, with bigger screens, larger pixels, Improved Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and 4G. The OEMs gives you a power efficient chipset and at the same time a smartphone that needs more battery. Nonetheless, you can follow the steps below to extend phone battery life easily.

Tips and Tricks to Extend Phone Battery Life

1. Don’t leave apps running in the background:

We all love to multitask, however, it won’t kill you to clear all apps when you’re done. It burns a lot of energy and you might need that power in the long run. Clearing all the apps when you’re not using them reduces the workload on the CPU and preserves battery.

2. Reduce the screen brightness:

You can do this whenever you’re indoors, it will help your smartphone’s battery in the long run. This is one of the ways to extend phone battery life. You might like the sharp brightness but you’ll also be saving your eyes as well.

3. Keep the screen timeout short:

It’s advisable to keep your screen timeout short so whenever you’re not using the phone and you forgot to lock it, the light will automatically dim. Go to Display Settings menu, you should find an option labelled ‘Screen Timeout’, ‘Sleep’ or something similar.

4. Turn off Wi-Fi, Data, Bluetooth:

These three features know exactly how to drain a phone’s battery. Make sure you disable all of them when not in use.

5. Don’t use vibrate:

Don’t do it, vibrate uses more battery than a ringtone or sound. The vibrate feature makes the whole phone shake and that process takes a lot of power.

6. Turn Off Always-On Display

extend phone battery life

If you own a high-Samsungsung phone that has an always-on display, you might want to turn it off at times to save battery life. The reason is this feature drains your battery excessively. Even Oneplus has to remove this feature prior to the launch of Oneplus 6.

7. Use FHD Display Instead of QHD

The super stunning display looks good no doubt but this comes at a price. Phones with QHD screen are expensive and at the same time power hungry. For example in your Samsung Galaxy S9 or other high-end phones, you have the option to change the screen resolution from 4k to 2k. The essence of this is to save battery and various tests also prove that your phone performs maximally at a lower resolution compared to a higher one.


This is how to extend phone battery life, by doing the things listed above you can save your battery life and use it at a more demanding time. Also, make sure you turn off non-essential notifications from all apps.


  1. A battery is a very important component of the electronics devices and it is very important to care for your battery to make it long lasting and the given tips are absolutely correct to extend the battery.


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