How To Fix “Mobile Network Not Available Error” On Android

Mobile Network Not Available Error
Mobile Network Not Available Error

If your android device is showing you the “Mobile Network Not Available” Error message then a lot of things can be the cause of that error so in this guide we will be taking a look at the possible ways through which you can use fix the problem.

So without wasting any more of your time, let’s get right down to it. But first, you should note that carrier-locked Android smartphone will not work with the steps below as those smartphones need the unlock code from the carrier in order to be able to unlock them. So before you start following this guide, make sure your Android device isn’t carrier locked. If it isn’t, then you can continue.

How To Fix “Mobile Network Not Available Error” On Android

Check If You Are Roaming

Roaming doesn’t always cause the “Mobile Network Not Available Error” on Android but it sometimes does so if you are roaming then that might probably be the cause of it. Obviously, you’ll have to test if roaming is the cause of the issue by testing a non-roaming SIM. If the new SIM you try stops the error from coming up then you have your answer. If not, try the next step below.

Turn Off Airplane Mode

This might sound a little bit weird but you’ll need to check if you or someone else mistakenly turned on your airplane mode which disables all radio frequencies which includes mobile networks hence the error. If your mobile network is turned off due to the airplane mode being turned on then you’ll definitely get the error message. To fix this, simply turn off Airplane mode on your Android device and let the Mobile Network restore which might take some minutes. If turning off Airplane mode doesn’t still fix this then try the next step below.

Select Network Automatically

Chances are, your Android device is already configured to search and select network automatically but you’ll also need to check to see if it has been changed to manually selecting network as that can also be the cause. To check if it selects network automatically, simply go to Settings >> Wireless & Networks >> Mobile Networks >> Networks Operators or Select A Network >> Then turn on “Select Network automatically”. After doing this, it should automatically get locked into a network, thus removing the error.

Check For Software Updates

The issue may be a software-based issue and has been fixed in a newer software or firmware update which you are yet to download and install. So if you are getting this mobile network not available issue then you should navigate to the about section of your settings menu and search for an update. If there is an update available then you should update as that is most likely to fix the issue. However, if there isn’t an update available for your device then you can try the last option below.

Factory Reset

Factory Reset is the last resort but has been known to fix lots of issues that couldn’t be fixed anyway else. You should know that factory resetting your device will wipe everything on your device and take it back to the original state it was when you first turned it on. So before you go ahead to factory reset your device, be sure to Backup your important files. Once you do that, it shout ultimately fix the problem and you shouldn’t be getting the Mobile Network not available problem anymore.


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