How to Fix “Showbox Not Working” Error


“ShowBox Not Working” — did you get that error message on your ShowBox app? In this post, we will elucidate ways to fix this problem.

When it comes to the popular online streaming apps on the market, ShowBox wields a trump card on its rivals, thanks to its smooth user interface and easy navigation. It is among the most commonly used online streaming apps, which provide Android users with a slew of exciting features, free of charge.

However, like every software out there, it is impossible not to find that ShowBox develops one issue or the other with time. If you’re getting the “Showbox not working” error message, below we will walk you through how to solve it.

You can also find this tutorial on fixing the problem useful for related issues, such as “server not available,” “video not available, try another server,” “Not loading,” “Not working,” “Unable to Scan,” ”No Connection,” “Cannot play this link,” in addition to all other errors and bugs. Here we go!

First, the Features of Showbox…

  • The Showbox app does not ask for your login account to use it
  • It does not nag you with intrusive ads
  • There are subtitles offered to improve user experience (UX)
  • It provides support for HD quality and enables you to enjoy all other resolution viewing
  • User-friendly interface
  • The software allows you to filter the movies by Genre, by Year, by Rating, by Type
  • It lets you download movies and watch them later
  • It offers an extensive library, containing movies, television shows, and music, regularly updated.

How to Fix “ShowBox Not Working” Error and Related Issues

In this section, we offer you a number of recommendations to fix errors pertaining to “ShowBox not working” and related problems on your ShowBox app.

Consider Updating to the Latest App Version

How to Fix “Showbox Not Working” Error

When you encounter the “ShowBox not working” error message, the first step to take is to check for a new update of the app do you can update it. This could help to address the issue at hand.

As you can expect, this Android app isn’t available for download and installation on Google Play due to Google’s policies and conditions. However, the app shows up on the platform many times, so you should search for it. You may also download the Apk version file for your Android.

Possible Fix for “Video Not Available, Try Another Server” Error

  • Download any of these VPN apps, VPN Master Key or VPN One Click on your Android
  • Choose your country of preference and connect via the VPN
  • Head to the Android app settings once the connection is securely created and clear your ShowBox App data & the cache
  • Having completed that step, launch the ShowBox app; your video should now load smoothly

It is possible the VPN app slows down your data speed; thus, you can change to another location to rectify such issues pertaining to data speed.

Possible Fix for “Server Unavailable/Server Down/Cannot Play this Link” Error on ShowBox

No potential solution is available for these problems. The only way out is to try a VPN service that creates a proxy server in other countries, in which no restriction may be placed on the link or server.

Also, consider checking for other server links if they are available.

Alternatively, try clearing the data & cache or download and install the latest version of the ShowBox App.

How to Fix “ShowBox Not Working/No Downloads” Error

All you need do is to clear App Data & Cache. Here is how to do that:

  • Head to Settings on your smartphone
  • Find the option, “Apps or Manage Apps,” and press it
  • Navigate to the MegaBox HD application, where you’ll see two options, “Clear data” & “Clear cache.”

Note: If your phone runs Android Marshmallow 6.0, you can check for this feature under Storage to clear data and also clear cache

  • Lastly, Clear the data and cache to fix this issue

How to Fix ShowBox Video Playback Error

To resolve this issue, you can uninstall Google Plus updates or Twitter. To do so, head to Settings->Apps or Application Manager->Google Plus app->Uninstall Updates.

If your device has Android Lollipop and higher versions, this possible fix may work for you: Head to Settings->About Phone, and tap “Build Version” seven times to unlock “Developers option” under Settings

Now, scroll down in “Developers option” and stop when you see the entry, “Use AwesomePlayer” (deprecated), under media. Then, enable it. If it is formerly enabled, consider disabling it. You can now reboot your device to check if the solution works.

Get an Older Version of the ShowBox App

If you are grappling with any compatible issues, consider using an older version of ShowBox. This older version will work by making use of prior dynamics that are well suited to your phone specifications.

Check Google to get an older version of the ShowBox App for Android.

How to Fix All Other Common Bugs

This method will help you eliminate all other bugs in your ShowBox app:

  • Head to Settings on the phone
  • Tap Apps or Apps Manager
  • Go to for All Apps
  • Hit the menu icon
  • Tap “Reset App Preferences” and reboot your Android

That’s all!

We will now draw the curtain on today’s tutorial on how to fix “ShowBox not working” error. If you have tried any of the fixes we recommended above, let’s know your experience in the comment section.


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