How to fix wldcore.dll Errors?

fix wldcore.dll

Microsoft developed a Windows DLL (Dynamic Link Library) module where Wldcore.dll is a part of its core components which helps the Windows OS operate correctly. Wldcore.dll error message arises due to the issue in the Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Contacts, and Windows Live Mail.

Wldcore.dll is also known as the Windows Live Client Shared Platform Module which is related to the Windows Live Module and it ensures that Windows OS runs properly.

fix wldcore.dll

Windows Live Mail (previously known as Windows Live Mail Desktop) is an email client from Microsoft which is deprecated because of the several issues reported from different sites. One big problem is that the email which is deleted keeps returning the next day. Another issue is the Live Mail folder issue. The place where the Recipient name should be considered, the Sender name appears in the To column. Thus, they decide to deprecate this application.

Windows Live Mail was released in November 2007 and had the features to integrate web-based email accounts like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. It has also synchronized with Windows Live Contacts and support for RSS feeds. Windows Live Mail is the Successor of Windows Mail.

Similarly, Windows Contacts is a contact manager that is included in different versions of Windows and integrated its functionality with Windows Live Mail. It can import different formats like vCard, WAB, LIDF, and CSV.

You can store the information in the Windows Contact folder from the contact manager of if there’s not the encryption in Windows Live Messenger. If you update the contact in Messenger, it will automatically be updated in Windows Contacts. But, this feature is only supported up to Windows Live Messenger 8.5.

In the same way, MSN Messenger later renamed as Windows Live Messenger was also a cross-platform instant messaging client developed by Microsoft. It had compatibility with Yahoo! Messenger and Facebook Messenger as well. Later in 2011, Microsoft added features to interpolate between Skype and Microsoft accounts. Skype users were able to communicate with Microsoft Contacts. But, unfortunately, Windows Messenger service was discontinued in 2013.

Thus, while using Windows Live applications, you may encounter different issues or errors regarding the WLDcore.dll file missing.        

This will prevent you from clicking the email address, and the apps associated with it. This error usually happens when you click on a link or email. Some games or applications may need this file to operate properly.

Possible error messages regarding this file are:

  • Wldcore.dll is missing
  • Wldcore.dll error loading
  • Wldcore.dll crash
  • Wldcore.dll Access Violation
  • Cannot find C:\Windows\System32\\Wldcore.dll
  • Cannot register Wldcore.dll
  • Cannot start Windows Live Client. A required component is missing: Wldcore.dll

How to fix wldcore.dll errors)?

There are several methods to fix the wldcore.dll error issue. It can be manual or automatic.

The manual method includes downloading the wldcore.dll file from the internet and putting it inside the desired games/applications installation folder.

Luckily, there are several automatic processes to fix wldcore.dll errors:

#1. Re-installing the app:

Wldcore.dll is related to three applications viz. Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Contacts, and Windows Live Mail.

Reinstalling these three programs may fix the wldcore.dll error.

You can do this by searching for the control panel ->Click on Programs and Features -> Look for desired Windows Live applications -> Click on the change button and Repair.

Repeat this process for all the three programs and finally restart the computer to see if the issue is fixed.

#2. Performing System Restore:

If you know the previous time when the system was operating correctly, then it’s a good time to perform a system restore to that original point. For this, Go to the Control Panel and find the best match of your applications -> Click on Recovery -> then open System Restore.

If there are different restore points to choose from, select the option, and click Next. Follow the on-screen instructions and choose the date to restore and select the recovery point.

Finally, click ‘Next’ and Click ‘Finish’ to confirm the restore point.

The computer will reboot normally and boot up with the previous restore point.

#3. Reinstall Windows:

If none of the fixes works for you, then this is the last option left for you. Backup your important files before reinstalling Windows. Perform a clean installation of Windows and re-install the program.


Wldcore.dll error is an error related to the Windows Live applications, and the file missing error is very common. Consider the above troubleshooting steps to fix the wldcore.dll error issues.


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