How to Get Job through the new Facebook Job section


In this post you learn how you can apply for Jobs through Facebook job section. Good news for job seekers, it is now possible to apply for jobs directly on Facebook. This is a new Facebook features which was activated on Wednesday, 2017.

Facebook users in the U.S and Canada are the first to benefit from this new feature on Facebook. Users can search and apply for jobs directly from Facebook’s website and mobile app. Facebook now gives Jobs advertiser the opportunity to post job opening directly into their Facebook page and Job seekers can now apply directly by clicking apply for jobs.

Facebook is a social media community that connects billion of people around the world but it seems the social network is not resting in its laurels to take on LinkedIn in the job listing industry.

How to apply for jobs through Facebook Job section

Like I said earlier on, the new Facebook job listing is only available for U.S and Canada users for now but the feature will be available to other countries when Facebook will roll it out globally.

Firstly, For those that want to apply for jobs through Facebook job section, You can do so by checking your company of choice Facebook Page- New job listing will be posted and displayed on their page so if you have been following them on Facebook, you can now apply for job directly on their Facebook page by clicking on Apply Now Button

Secondly, you can head over to Facebook new jobs section where you will find the link to all available jobs, since the feature is not officially available in Nigeria I check the new Job section on Facebook and I found about three companies already showing job listings. Facebook has said that the new job listing feature will enable company to drive traffic to their page and also able to pay Facebook when the feature is fully operational.

If you see a posting you like, you can click an “apply now” button that leads them to a pre-populated page with your name and any education or employment history that you’ve made public on the site; you can then either send the info as it is or make changes before submitting. There’s no place to upload a resume, but a 1,000-character text box allows for a cover letter-style note.

Features of the new Facebook Job listing

When you visit the  Facebook jobs section, you will find features like

  • The Location of the job
  • Job Industry
  • Job types and Apply Now button

What you must know about Facebook New job Listing

If your Facebook profile hasn’t been well curated and organized, it’s time to package your Facebook Page to reflect all your achievements just like we have it on LinkedIn. Though, through privacy settings on Facebook you can hide some information you don’t want employers and Hiring Managers to see but nothing stop you from making your Facebook Profile your resume

So guys if you have been following a particular employer, it might be helpful if you like their page so that when they post a job Vacancy, it will appear on your newsfeed.

Those are the steps you must take to apply for jobs through Facebook Job section. If you have any questions and comments about how to apply for jobs through Facebook Job section, feel free to leave them below.



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