How to Get rid of annoying Ads on your TECNO, Infinix and Gionee Phones

How well does it sound after using your hard earned money to buy a phone and in the end, the manufacturers still send pop up ads to your phone?

If you are using a Tecno phone, for instance, you will find HiOS display ads as recommended apps on your home screen.

Sometimes it displays when you are doing something important with your phone which can be really annoying.

If you don’t know what HiOS means. It is a customized version of the Android mobile operating system that serves as a cover that wraps the Android operating system on TECNO Phones.

TECNO, Infinix, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and Gionee phones do not run on stock Android, they have their own customized user interphase.

While Infinix uses xOS, Gionee has Amigo UI, Samsung has Grace UI, Xiaomi has MiUi. Each of them has their own strength to make Android more fun.

However, it is rather weird that a user will be served ads after using their money to buy a product. Not only that, these ads were served without the consent of the customers.

If you have been experiencing this on your TECNO, Infinix, Gionee or even a Samsung Phone, we have provided a guide on how you can remove ads on TECNO phones, Infinix, Gionee or any Android phone.

Below, I will be teaching you a few ways that you can get rid of annoying ads from your phone

How to remove ads from Infinx Phone via Xos Launcher App

The XOs Launcher is the major culprit sending ads to your phone. I will teach you two ways to stop Xos launcher from displaying Annoying ads on your phone.

Firstly, go to google playstore and uninstall updates on Xos Launcher App. You will find out that once each time you install an update on this Xos launcher App, the Ads will start showing on your phone. It is advisable you install a third party app like Nova Launcher. It is what I use on my Infinix and TECNO Phones.

Secondly, another way that you can get rid of these annoying ads is by updating the Xos launcher App. After updating it, go back to your main screen.

You will see a pop up that will tell you to rate them. Just rate them poor (that is the first star only). They will ask you to give reasons for the rating via email.

Then you tell them via email that you don’t like the Ads that is displaying on your phone. Then make a statement that “this the default home app for your phone”. I have tried this many time and it worked. You can try it too.

How to Remove ads on TECNO Phones

If you are using a TECNO Phone, the Hi-Launcher on TECNO Phones is the major channel TECNO is using to send ads to your phone. You can remove these ads by following the steps below.

ads on TECNO Phones
ads showing as a recommended app on TECNO Phone

  • Firstly, you will need to update the HIOS Launcher on your phone. You can do so by going to playstore and download the updated version of the app Here.
  • Once you have updated the Launcher, now go back to your home screen

ads on TECNO Phone

  • Press and hold an empty space in your home screen to open the HiOS menu.
  • Scroll down to find “other setting”

ads on TECNO Phone

ads on TECNO Phone2

  • Turn off “application recommendation”

That’s it. Once you do that, the Ad will disappear.

How to turn off all kinds of Pop up ads on Your Android Phone


This App will help you to get rid of annoying Ads off your phone. But before you install the App, make sure that install app unknown sources is enabled on your phone. Then go to google playstore and download the App. The App will block ads from displaying in your phone.

Block Pop up notifications

This is another way that you can block Ads from displaying on your phone. All you need to do is to block notifications that might pop up on your smartphone. AirPushDetector

 or  AddonsDetector can help you do that.

Another App that displays Ads is chrome. If you are using chrome App,

  • Open the app, go to the right side of the address bar
  • click on setting.
  • scroll down and click on site setting
  • Navigate to where you will see pop-ups and toggle it off.

Also, always be careful of the Apps that you download online. Most of the apps are embedded with adverts and the moment you download them, they will start displaying Ads on your phone.

Turn off Background data for specific Apps

There are some Apps that make use of background data to display Ads when they are running. You will have to disable data for such Apps. Follow the steps below to turn off underground data for such Apps;

  • Open your phone setting and go to Apps to display your phone Apps
  • Click on the App that you want to turn underground data off.
  • Select Mobile data and click on Background data.
  • Toggle the button beside “allow background data usage”.
  • Repeat the above steps for every other app you want to kill ads on.

That’s how to turn off background data for specific Apps.

I hope this article helps you to get rid of annoying Ads on your phone. If this article was helpful, drop your comment below.

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