How to Hide/ Archive Instagram posts on Phone


How to archive Instagram posts feature now possible on Instagram. If you have a post or picture you think is not performing well just because there are few likes and comments on them on Instagram,  now you don’t have to delete such posts/pictures as Instagram is reading to unveil a feature that allows you to hide a post on Instagram.

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So how do you go about this, in this post I will share with you the guide on how to hide Instagram posts/ archive Instagram post.

How To Archive Instagram Posts on iPhone and Android

Note: You can unhide or unarchive the post if there is need for you to bring the post back. archived posts will not be visible to your followers but their likes and comments will still be intact. It could be a smart way to curate your post on Instagram.

To get Started, open Instagram on your phone

  • Ensure you update to the latest version if you haven’t done so on App store and Google Playstore.
  • Tap on your profile button at the bottom right to see your Instagram posts

  • Select the Post you want to hide or archive by tapping on it
  • Next, Click on the 3-dotted lines at the top right corner of the post

  • You can now select archive from the lists of options that shows on the screen


  • That is it how to archive
     Instagram posts on phone.

How to Unarchive Instagram Posts

Just like the way you can hide Instagram posts you can as well unarchive them. It is pretty simple. Just follow the guide below.

Before you can unarchive Instagram posts, you need to know how to view archive posts, Launch Instagram on your phone and tap on the profile tab.

  1. Click on the clock icon to view all archived posts
  2. To unarchive any post, tap on the post and click on the dotted lines
  3. Finally Select show on profile.

That is it guys on how to archive Instagram Posts



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