How to Install and Pin WhatSapp Chat on Phone


It’s now possible to pin WhatSapp chat to the top of your chat after the popular chatting app released the beta version to the public. WhatSapp which is owned by Facebook has been undergoing aggressive redesign and features overhaul since it was acquired by Mark Zuckerberg.

In this tutorial, you will immediately learn how to Pin WhatSapp Chat to the top of your chat.

The pin chat feature is currently available only for the beta users. So if you have WhatSapp beta version 2.17.162 or 163, you can start using this feature straight away before it will be officially rolled out on Android and iOS.

Updated-WhatSapp Officially Launched Ability to Pin Chat to the Top of Messages. 

Whatsapp has finally introduced pin chat feature globally and you can now go to Google play Store and update your whatsapp to enjoy the new feature.

How to Install WhatSapp beta 2.17.163 on Phone

Before you can start using pin chat feature on WhatSapp, you must have installed WhatSapp beta 2.17.162 on phone, below is how to install and pin chat on WhatSapp.

  1. Sign up for WhatSapp Beta on Google Play store on your phone by visiting the link here
  2. Click on become a beta tester and below it you will see where to download WhatSapp beta
  3. Click on it to direct you to Google Play store
  4. You can also choose to leave the WhatSapp Beta program any time you like but after leaving make sure you uninstall the WhatSapp beta and reinstall the official one

How to Pin WhatSapp Chat to the top of your chat

Below is how to pin WhatSapp chat, Long-Press on the chat you want to pin to the top. It could be individual or group chat.

  1.  Select the Pin symbol from the top bar to pin WhatSapp chat (you will also see options like Delete, Mute, and Archive)
  2. If you want to remove the pinned chat on WhatSapp, long-press on the pinned chat to unpin it by disabling the pin button. It is that simple.

That is on how to Pin WhatSapp Chat to the top of your chat.


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