How to Install Core GMS Packages on Huawei Chinese Mobile Phone

How to Install Core GMS Packages on Huawei Chinese Mobile Phone

As a Huawei user, am sure you must have heard about the U.S. ban on Huawei. Well, Google has blocked Huawei smartphones from accessing its apps and services.

If you’re using a Huawei Chinese mobile phone, you won’t be able to access Google play store and services.

What if I told you that by learning how to install Core GMS Packages on Huawei Chinese mobile phone, you can actually use the Google play store.

This article features a step-to-step guide about the Core GMS Packages. All you have to do is follow my lead.

Google play store is very essential to run Google apps. Google has programmed its apps and services to co-exists together. All Google app won’t run without “Google play services”. Then Google Play services won’t work without “Google play store”.

What is Core GMS Package?

Core GMS Package is a software which comes with every model of Android device. The GMS stands for “Google Mobile Services”.

Without this package, a smartphone can not operate Google apps and services. This Core GMS Package isn’t universal i.e. one every smartphone do not use one package. It comes in different versions for different smartphone makers. Oppo’s Core GSM Package won’t work on a Xiaomi phone. A Xiaomi’s Core GSM Package won’t work on a Huawei phone.

How to Install Core GMS Packages on Huawei Chinese Mobile Phone

Make sure you have the Google play store and play services on your phone, even though it won’t work for now. The Core package will make them work. Below is how you can download and install Core GSM Package on your Huawei mobile phone;

  • Download the Core GSM Packages for Huawei Mobile Phone here
  • ¬†After you’ve downloaded this Zip file. Go to “Settings”.
  • Then go to “Security & Privacy”, enable download from unknown sources.
  • Disable the “Check Apps from External Sources” option. If you don’t see this on your phone, just skip it.
  • Go to file manager and locate the zip file you download. You’ll need to unzip it, so make sure you have an app that supports that.
  • After unzipping the file, install the APK file on your Huawei phone. You “may” need to update the Google play store to the latest version. Make sure you use a VPN to update Google apps if you live in China.

After installing this Core GSM Package, if you notice your Huawei phone is getting unstable, uninstall the GSM package and reinstall it. Since the ban on Huawei, the company has taken various steps to ensure their phones are no longer dependent on Google apps and services.

Requirements to Install Core GSM Packages on Huawei Mobile Phone

Before installing the Core GSM packages, make sure you have both Google play services and Google play store. Also, try to make sure your Huawei mobile phone is running on a newer version of EMUI (anything from EMUI 8 and above).

A certain user of Honor 6X complained to me about how his device was forbidden from installing the GSM installer. His Honor 6X runs on EMUI 4.1.

This is everything you need to know regarding how to install Core GMS Packages on Huawei Chinese Mobile Phone. Don’t let the legal battle between China and the USA stop you from enjoying Google apps and services. Download and install the Core GSM packages today!

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