How to Install Fortnite Mobile on Android Phone

How to Install Fortnite Mobile on Android Phone

Have you been having serious issues on how to install Fortnite Mobile on Android phone? here will provide a detailed guide on how to do so. For some time now, Fortnite game maker, Epic Games have been sending out beta invite codes, to multiple Android users to enable them to get a chance to participate in the game. Early this year, they (Epic Games) launched on an iOS enabled game using the same invite code for iPhones users to get the game awareness. However, for the Android intro games, it is virtually the same procedures.

Having known that, it wouldn’t be out of place to point our attention towards the fact that the Fortnite games on Android differ from the iOS version as it hasn’t been made available on the Google Play Store just yet. Instead, Epic Games has decided to distribute it on its own, in order to avoid 30 per cent cut Google gets on in-app of every purchase you may ask that is their in-app purchase on Fortnite and also have a direct intercourse with their clients (players).

How to install Fortnite Mobile on Android Phone

Download and Install Fortnite On Android

As for the latest Samsung owners, they can find the Fortnite games right on the front page of the Galaxy Apps store, the rest will have to get the APK to send to their mail by Epic Games and install it manually on their phone. Experienced users won’t be stressed, but casual users may be scared by the security prompts upon sideloading an APK file, we realized that things should be made easier for them. This is steps to follow when installing Fortnite on your Android phone. However, there are steps to follow.

However, for those who have Samsung Galaxy S7 or a newer model, it is easy to download the Fortnite games. All that is required of hem is to;

  • Open Galaxy Apps and search for their preferred Fortnite games. For other phone brands, you may want to check the full list of supported devices over at Epic Games’ website. The list includes models by LG, Huawei, OnePlus, Asus, Xiaomi, as well as all Pixel phones, etc.

Nonetheless, on the off chance that your phone doesn’t fall under the list of compatible phones, you wouldn’t have to bother yourself too much it may still be supported, provided it has run a 64-bit version of Android (5.0 or higher), has 3GB or more of RAM, and has a supported GPU performance.

  • Just like every of Fortnite games, the mobile launching includes formality (ies) which involves signing up for an invite code. To get on the list, go to Epic Games’ official website and register with your email address and create an Epic credential and if you don’t have one, you will have to create one on the Epic Games official website.
    We can’t say precisely how long it would take to receive an invite, but it should be in your inbox within a few days to a week after you might have signed up for it. Presently, Epic Games are sending out codes en masse implying that hundreds, possibly thousands, of people are receiving codes every passing day.
  • Once approved, the EPIC game management sends you an invitation email which contains a download link for the Fortnite installer app. After getting this, it is mandatory that you inaugurate the installer principally before installing the game itself. This app is required on Samsung devices; it can be downloaded from the official Galaxy Apps store.
  • After gotten the email from Epic, depending on your security settings, you’ll likely be asked to grant Android permissions to install apps from ‘Unknown’ sources. If you don’t want to keep this permission ON after you’ve installed Fortnite, you can either grant it for this session only or alternatively go to Settings > Security and disable it from there later on.

Once you have the game installer installed on your phone, then you can actually download the real game. After it’s downloaded, you can open it to find out that there’s an additional 1.04GB download. Quite shocking right? But it’s to be expected, considering the game’s scope and extensive interface.

Having followed the above-mentioned steps on how to install Fortnite Mobile on Android phone, you can be sure that you will definitely have a full-blown exciting gaming experience owing to Fortnite games addictive nature. For more info log on to Epic Games’ official website


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