How To Leave A Group Text On iPhone X, Xs & 11 Pro Max

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Here, I will be showing you how to leave a group text on iPhone. The Apple iPhone has gained so much recognition in the world today. This tremendous growth is due to some enticing features of its products, such as the iOS processor, operating system, in-built security, and many more that can’t be found on most Android phones.

iPhone X, Xs or 11 Pro Max makes it possible for you to easily engage in discussion among a group of people through the iMessage app on the phone. The software is also part of the unique features of the phone, making conversations easier, and having a message passed across to as many people as possible.

Group text happens to be an efficient way of allowing people to discuss all together in one place at one time period. It saves a lot of stress since you won’t have to waste time to text people one by one.

However, it can also be an annoying thing; sometimes, the messages keep coming in. And this can be a source of distraction when you are busy with other vital things.

How To Leave A Group Text On iPhone

To avoid being disturbed while having a group conversation and at the same time using the phone for other essential things, you can either mute the group texts messages to avoid the messages popping up from the screen as a notification even though this does not stop them from coming in but you can go back to it later or you can completely leave the group chat.

You can mute a conversation and still be in the group and receive messages but those messages won’t pop up as a notification on your phone. To mute a group c onversation you will simply click on the ‘Do Not Disturb” option; this will be further explained as we go on.

Leaving a Group Text On iPhone X, Xs, 11 Pro Max

It is advisable for people using iPhone X and the new Xs and 11 Pro Max that won’t like to receive messages from group text anymore to completely leave the group as this is the most effective measure to take. The following steps are involved to leave a group text on your iPhone:

  • The 1st step is to open the iMessage app on the phone. Then, locate the group chat among the list of texts.
  • Click on it and then tap on “Details” at the top of the phone screen. The list of the members in the group chat will pop up along with the media files that’ve been shared on the group.
  • Finally, you will see the option ‘leave this conversation’ above the media file, click on it and you will be removed from the group chat and you won’t receive the message anymore.

However, in some cases, some users find most of the messages they receive from the group chat as unnecessary and pesky but don’t want to leave the group entirely with the belief that important messages can still be passed in the group chat in the future. What you can do here is to mute the group chat with “Do Not Disturb”. The procedures to be followed when you want to mute a group chat using “Do Not Disturb” include:

  • Locate and open Messages; click on the chat that you wish to mute, and tap “Details”.
  • Go to the “Do Not Disturb” section & hit the icon to switch it on. That’s all you need to do.

The “Do Not Disturb” feature has an advantage supporting all types of messages, either iMessage-only, mixed iMessage and SMS. Alternatively, just send an SMS, and you can also later go back to read through the messages that have been posted in the group to see the ones that are important to you.


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