How to Maintain a Neat and Functional Website

How to Maintain a Neat and Functional Website

It’s great that you’ve got your website up and running, but that’s just the beginning. Websites don’t take care of themselves, which means you’ll have to do some things to make sure it’s always running smoothly. And these things that you have to do are a regular commitment.

You worked hard to build your site, so don’t blow it by neglecting it. Here are some actions you’ll want to take to make sure your site is always functioning and your effort to build it doesn’t go in vain.

User testing

Your site needs to make intuitive sense to its users. This means that how your site was built some years ago, and users found it comfortable and easy, probably doesn’t have the same effect now. The most obvious example would be a site that was built before the invasion of the smartphone. So it’s time and past time to make sure your site is mobile-friendly and receptive. The best way to test is to bring impartial people to test your site. Let them browse through all your pages and take note of what needs to be changed. This can be done once a year.

Fix broken links

That 404 error page is awfully annoying. A lot of times you can’t do anything about it except to make sure every 4 months or so to remove those links. There are tools you can use to help you locate those links. Links that you’ve put can be broken for several reasons, such as a site that has completely shut down or moved. So do what you can by removing them or upgrading the link.


With the rapid introduction of new technology and techniques, you might need to consider upgrading. You may want to upgrade the hosting server. In some cases, people want to change their web hosts completely. Lots of people prefer to have their hosting in the same country they live in. So, for example, if you live in Canada, any one of these Canadian web hosts on Mangomatter might suit you. Changing hosts can be a bit tricky, so at the very least you’d first join the new host before dropping the old one. For businesses, upgrading means having online chat, social network plug-ins, payment gateways, and customer feedback form, which any business site will have now.


Timely or well in advance renewal of all your services pertaining to your website need to be made. These renewals include the hosting package, domain name validity, online chat services and the sorts. Calendar mark renewal dates.

Eliminate unnecessary software

Consider whether you can eliminate software on your server, such as widgets, plugins, or applications that the site no longer uses. This can increase security and simplify future maintenance.

Your site is your home. Like a physical home, it needs maintenance every now and then, plus a renovation to keep things running better. Don’t procrastinate in taking care of your site. Regular up keeping will save you time, money, effort and a big headache by avoiding problems before things go completely haywire.



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