How to Make Use of Your Apple Pencil on All iPads


Learn how to use Apple Pencil on iPad. Apple Pencil is one of the primary accessories that are used with iPad Pro as well as the recent 6th-generation iPad smartphone. The Apple Pencil is a tool that helps you draw, sketch, take notes, and do other tasks quickly on your iPad. When you are using the Pencil for the first time, you should charge it by removing its cap and then plugging it into the Lightning connector on the iPad.

The input device only works with iPad Pro and the recent model of the iPad, and does not support iPhones and other iPad devices. This is owing to the fact that before using it, you are required to pair it with a compatible iOS smartphone first.

But a techie has devised a way to tackle this conundrum. The YouTuber, known as iDeviceHelp, found a smart trick for making use of the Apple Pencil with all iPhones or iPads. As he explains in the video above, wrap multiple layers of napkin around the Pencil’s tip and then dampen it with some water. Having done this, you will be able to sketch or draw anything you want on your iPhone or iPad.

The important thing to note here is that you should ensure that when using this workaround, the tip of your Pencil sticks out and that its surroundings get covered using the napkin, slightly damp. While some users may not find this trick convenient, it does help to make the Apple Pencil suitable to be used with any iPhone or iPad.

how to use Apple Pencil on iPad

Earlier this week, the tech giant held a press event in New York, where a new set of upgrades were announced for the Apple Pencil. In the event, a range of other exciting products was launched, including the recent iPad Pros, the MacBook Air, and the Mac Mini.


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