How to Make Your Android Phone Look Like an iPhone


Apple’s iOS-powered devices have a distinctive look. If you’re an Android phone user who is a fan of Cupertino’s smartphones, you might be enthused about making your mobile look like an iPhone.

Fortunately, with the aid of certain apps, you will be able to do this. However, it is impossible to make your phone look and behave just like an iPhone without the use of a specialized ROM, or a smartphone, designed to look and feel like an iPhone.

(Huawei, Xiaomi, or a handful of Chinese manufacturers are good examples of such phones.)

Making Your Android Look Apple-y

Here are the steps to take to give your Android an iPhone flavor:

Get a New Launcher

By installing a third-party launcher, you can instantly transform the way your mobile phone looks.

A launcher determines the way the home screen of your device looks, how your apps start. It also determines how you make calls and the manner in which you interact with the underlying Android OS.

These are some of the best launcher apps that make your device look like an iPhone:

Phone X LauncherHow to Make Your Phone Look Like an iPhone


Designed by SaSCorp Apps Studio, Phone X Launcher is a popular launcher, modeled on iOS 12. The app, which aims to replicate the latest gen of iPhone models on your Android, has over 10 million downloads on Google Play.

Mimicking iPhone screen, you will find a notch at the top of your screen, irrespective of whether your device actually has one.

The launcher also includes a swipe-down search bar, a custom version of the iPhone’s Control Center, an iOS-style lock screen, a selection of the best iOS wallpapers, along with smart toggles for Wi-Fi & the flashlight

Though the app’s free, there is an in-app purchase to remove the ads.

Download Phone X Launcher from the Play Store


iLauncher, a product of Mate Software, is designed to look like iOS 9.

It gets rid of the app tray and places every one of your apps on the home screen like iOS devices. The launcher equally replaces the default icons of a couple of your primary system apps.

Such apps include Phone, Camera, Messages, and Settings, enabling them to appear like their counterparts on iPhone.

But there are some downsides. The icons used are not live. Thus, your clock app will not display the actual time. And the calendar app does not show the correct date in the icon thumbnail.

Download iLauncher from the Play Store

Use iOS Icon Packs for Android

This is another way to give your Android an iPhone appeal.

To utilize an icon pack, you would need a launcher which supports the feature. But you don’t have to choose one of the launchers we looked at above. You could install any launcher that best suits your taste and needs and then personalize it in your own way. You can pick one from the best Android launchers.

iOS 11 – Icon Pack

iOS 11 – Icon Pack, developed by iEvil Dev, is arguably the best iOS icon pack for mobiles running Android OS.

It features the largest number of iOS icons for your Android smartphone. This vast collection includes Gallery, Weather, Settings, Calendar, Camera, Calculator, Google Play, and lots more.

All the icons are designed to work at 110% size on a 7×5 grid, and certain launchers are required, such as Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Poco Launcher, Atom Launcher, and others. The icons come with a resolution of 192×192 px.

iOS 11 – Icon Pack won’t work with Pixel Launcher, Google Now, or any other launcher that is pre-installed on the phone.

Download iOS 11 – Icon Pack from the Play Store

iUX 12

iUX 12 makes use of the same design for mobile apps as done in iOS 12.

It is designed by the same company behind iOS 11 – Icon Pack’s creation, iEvil Dev.

Though the design of the apps is consequently slightly fresher than the former option, we would still advise you to go for the iOS 11 icon pack since it will offer you a lot more icons.

This is a key factor to get a consistent look across your phone.

The differences in design between iOS 11 and iOS 12 are not so many, comparatively. Nevertheless, if you are gung-ho about getting the latest tweaks, iUX 12 is still an excellent option.

Download iUX 12 from the Play Store

Get Android Versions of iPhone Apps       

Another step to take in making your Android Apple-y is to pair the icon packs and launchers highlighted above with apps that have a similar look with their iPhone equivalents.

Though you will never be able to replace all the apps on your Android mobile device with iOS versions, here are some you need to try out:

IOS12 Lock Screen

Make Your Phone Look Like an iPhone


IOS12 Lock Screen is an app built by Zteam Pro that gives your Android lock screen the flavor of the latest version of the iPhone lock screen.

It is a personalized lock screen replacement, offering you iOS-style notifications. It also features music player controls that look like iOS, along with iPhone-themed screen unlock tools.

Download IOS12 Lock Screen from the Play Store


Concerning design, iMusic is the closest mobile app for Android to the default iOS Apple Music app.

It’s a full-featured MP3 player, which comes with support for tag editing, smart playlists, and gapless playback. Other features of the app include a sleep timer, an equalizer, a ringtone picker, etc.

Download iMusic from the Play Store

iCalendar iOS 13

iCalendar iOS 13 is a great app you can use to replace your Android calendar to create that iPhone appeal.

The app, which is developed by DoNu, is compatible with Google Calendar. It features custom color coding for events and has support for map view.

It also offers an integrated task manager.

Download iCalendar iOS 13 from the Play Store

Notification Center iOS 12

Notification Center iOS 12 will help you place the iOS notification screen on the home screen of your Android phone.

This allows you to get quick access to volume controls, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, a flashlight, music controls, etc.

It comes with a variety of customization options. It lets you decide where on the notification screen the tools will appear and also enables you to hide those you don’t need.

Download Notification Center iOS 12 from the Play Store


With iCalculator, you can use the iOS calculator on your Android, featuring the rounded number buttons, color scheme, and other options.

Apart from the basics, the iCalculator lets you log your equation history and provides memory functions like M, M+, MR, and MC.

It also offers graphing features and performs conversions.

Download iCalculator from the Play Store

Wrapping up

Having taken the steps explained above, how close to an iPhone were you able to get your Android smartphone? We’d like to know about your experience. Do tell us your thoughts in the below comment section.

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