How to play Google Valentine’s Doodle game ( Pangolin Adventure to China)


Valentine’s Day is no doubt a day many people are looking forward to and in this article, I will show you how to play Google Valentine’s Doodle Game.  Val’s Day is  a day set aside to celebrate love and many brands are not shying away to celebrate their fans and customers. Brand like Google and Facebook have already leading the way to give their users the best Valentine’s experience this year 2017.

Google for example came up with a special Valentine’s Day Doodle game which is accessible on it homepage. It’s an interactive and interesting game about an endangered animal called Pangolin searching for love.

The game comprises of four stages and the first stage captures Pangolin adventurous journey to China to meet it love face to face. According to CNET, the game took a six – person team of animator and an engineer one year to develop.  Yes one good year for you to enjoy the game. Have you tried the game out yet? Below is how to play the game.

How to Play Google Valentine’s Doodle Game

To play Google Valentine’s doodle game, head over to Google’s homepage on Androids, iPhones and desktop computers.

You will need to roll over obstacles using the right and left arrow keys for direction. While the space bar is used to jump over obstacle.

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The games involves four different levels across four countries of Philippines, Ghana, India and China. You will have to masterly jump over obstacles to collect the lovely themed items. Pls note that there are four levels within the game and you have 3 minutes to play each level.

The more items you collect, the more love-theme presents for Pangolin’s love in China. So start collecting those items as fast as you can.

Items that can be collected in each stage are given below

  • Level One – cocoa beans for a cake
  • Level Two – musical notes for a song
  • Three – ribbons for lanterns
  • Level Four – flowers for a bouquet

To give Pangolin’s Mate a nice present, 150 items are need at each stage, if you don’t make the required number, you can attempt the game.

If you can play Google Valentine’s doodle game well like a pro, comment with your screenshot below.


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