How To Protect Your PC From Wannacry Ransomeware

Protect your PC from Wannacry Ransomeware

Protect your PC from Wannacry Ransomeware, steps to take.Ransomeware attacks have been on the increase some few months ago with many people falling victims. The latest attack is targeted at institutions, Telecommunications and banks across the global. Myriads of computers in nearly 150 countries have been infected and the ransomeware is still spreading and is termed Wannacry.

It was reported on Friday that businesses, organizations and hospitals were mostly affected in the UK. Same ransomeware affected Spanish telecom, FedEx and the Russian interior MINISTRY.

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While the virus attack is worrisome is that, it can spread quickly through a network and destroy an entire company. Many organisations are already finding ways to install patches to forestall the attack. Here will take through steps to take to prevent wannacry Ransomeware and also where to install the security patches.

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What is Ramsomeware

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that takes over a computer and locks the user out, preventing them from accessing any files until they pay money. This particular program, called WannaCry, asks for about $300, though the price increases over time.

How to Protect your PC from Wannacry Ransomeware

Below are ways  to Protect your PC from Wannacry Ransomeware

Update Your Software: One of the safest things you should do to prevent your files and PC from the ravaging ransomeware attack is by always installing the newest version of your software. By so doing you would have blocked vulnerabilities that can prompt ransomeware into your system.

Install Wanacry security Patches. Microsoft have released security patches for window operating, go here and download for your computer

Backup your files: You have heard this many times and is not new but it saves you a lot in case hackers gained access to your system. Th is will ensure that you always have backup of your files in case of virus attack, because the greatest damage Ransomeware does is taking over your files, pictures and important documents.

The backup should be done on a separate device-a good hard drive can be used. External hard drive is the best because it’s not connected to the internet and you can easily restore your files.

Always use an Antivirus: You should have a good Antivirus software installed on your PC. Antivirus takes care virus, Malware, Ransomeware and all forms of malicious attacks by monitoring your PC and activities online. You should ensure you regularly scan you system to lock out any virus attempt.\

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Finally, Do Not Click on Any suspicious Links: Do not click on any link you don’t trust asking you download something online. Taking these precautionary steps will help Protect your PC from Wannacry Ransomeware


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