How to Recover Deleted Texts from Your iPhone

Did you inadvertently press “Delete”? No need to seethe as in this article, we will show you simple ways to recover deleted texts from your iPhone.

Did you inadvertently press “Delete”? No need to seethe as in this article, we will show you simple ways to recover deleted texts from your iPhone.


If you lost or deleted text messages on your iPhone or iPad, whether mistakenly or deliberately to free more storage space, you might later realize that one or more of these texts hold important information you need to retrieve.  Fortunately, recovering deleted texts from iPhones is a walk in the park if you are armed with the know-how of carrying out this operation.

In today’s how-to article, we will be looking at 3 ways you can use to recover lost or deleted text messages from your iPhone. Without any further delay, let’s get started:

3 Ways to Recover Deleted Text from iPhone

You can retrieve deleted messages from your iOS-powered mobile phone through iCould backup, iTunes backup, third-party apps, and by contacting your service provider. We will only be focusing on the first 3 methods.


If you’ve ever backed up your device to iCloud or iTunes, restoring your iPhone text messages from this backup is quite easy. You should bear in mind that Apple introduced some changes in the functionality of Messages in iCloud few years ago. By enabling this option, it syncs messages across every one of your devices with the same Apple ID. However, it means deleted messages are deleted from every device, and text messages don’t get included in your iCloud backup.

Unfortunately, you can only restore messages through an iCloud backup by completely erasing your iPhone and trying to restore it from your iCloud backup, so long one has been created before the messages got deleted. You can check in Settings >> [Your Name] >> iCloud >> Manage Storage >> Backups.

Once this is done, the next thing is to factory reset your iPhone after which you will restore it using that iCloud backup. Do note the last successful iCloud backup time or date can be found beneath the Back Up Now option.


If the first method that involves retrieving your deleted texts via iCloud didn’t work, there is another way to get your old messages back — recovering them through an iTunes backup. Using this option can often be the most effective method.

Unless the automatic sync feature in iTunes has been disabled by you, you would have made a backup each time you synced with either your Mac or PC.

  • Connect the iPhone to that PC you sync it with. iTunes app should launch automatically. If it does not load, you can open it manually
  • Your iPhone should appear next; you should select it
  • Tap “Restore backup”

All your previously backed up data will now replace those on the phone, and the process will only last a few minutes. So long you have not backed up before deleting the messages; you should now see them on your iPhone.

Third-Party App

If you have tried the above-mentioned methods and can’t still gain access to your deleted text messages, you can try this last technique that involves the use of a third-app.  Note that this option is not foolproof and that the app is not free.

There are some third-party apps, such as PhoneRescue by iMobie, WonderShare Dr.Fone for iOS, Enigma Recovery, Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery, and iMyFone D-Back Data Recovery, which seem to have a great reputation online for retrieving deleted texts from iPhones. Even after you’ve deleted text messages from your mobile device, they are still on your handset; and until the phone is overwritten, you can still recover deleted texts with the use of these programs utilities.

In sum, you can recover deleted texts from an iPhone via iCloud backup, iTunes backup, and the use of third-party apps. With these methods, retrieving crucial information from your deleted texts is now all too easy.


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