How to Root Xiaomi Mi 8 SE and Install TWRP Custom Recovery

How to Root Xiaomi Mi 8 SE

In this article, we will be showing you how to root Xiaomi Mi 8 SE and Install TWRP Custom Recovery easily. The Mi 8 SE is the affordable variant of the Mi 8 flagship smartphone.

The smartphone was introduced during Xiaomi’s 8 year anniversary in China. You can gain more access to the device by rooting it and installing TWRP Custom Recovery. Without further ado, let’s jump right to it and introduce you on how to root Xiaomi Mi 8 SE and Install TWRP Custom Recovery.

However, please take note that we will not be held responsible if anything should happen to your Mi 8 SE when rooting the device. Also, make sure you have first-hand knowledge on how to root a device. Rooting a device voids any sort of warranty it comes with and you are doing this at your own personal risk.

Things to Do Before Rooting Xiaomi Mi 8 SE

• Unlock the Bootloader of the Mi 8 SE.

Download the files below:

• After downloading the files, simply connect your Mi 8 SE to your PC using USB Cable.

• Rename the downloaded TWRP image file to ‘twrp.img’ so that the name can easily be given in subsequent commands.

• Transfer all the downloaded files to your Mi 8 SE (also keep a copy of TWRP on your PC too).

• Enable USB Debugging.

• Click on “Shift + Right Click” in the folder where TWRP file is present, on your PC.

• Select the option ‘Open Power Shell Window Here‘ from the pop-up menu that comes up to open a command window.

• Input “adb reboot bootloader” in the command window to reboot your Mi 8 SE device into bootloader/fastboot mode.

How to Install TWRP Custom Recovery

Now, we have to install TWRP Custom Recovery on a temporary basis and boot it using “fastboot boot twrp.img”.

• Restart your Mi 8 SE device into recovery mode. (use the Volume keys for navigation to the desired option and power button to select).

• Your Mi 8 SE should boot up in TWRP Recovery Mode now. (Input a PIN or password, if you are using any on your device)

• The TWRP Recovery will come up.

• When asked to keep system read-only. Click on ‘Keep Read Only‘ so that no system modifications are done.

To change the TWRP Recovery from Chinese to English, click on options and select English. However, you should note that this is only a temporary boot in TWRP. If you will like to install the same permanently, choose the option of Install and select the TWRP image file from your system. Swipe to flash install thereafter.

Select the Magisk ZIP File and Swipe to flash install as well. If you later change your mind about installing, then install DM Verity Disabler File, instead of Magisk. This will enable your Mi 8 SE device to boot normally.


This is how to root Xiaomi Mi 8 SE and Install TWRP Custom Recovery. You can also download ‘Root Checker‘ application which is available for free on the Google Play Store to check it. Did it work for you? Let us know below.


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