How To Screenshot On Google Pixel Phones

Screenshot On Google Pixel
Screenshot On Google Pixel

The Google Pixel smartphones have been what Google envisioned for Android smartphone – Good Hardware plus good software with no bloatware – which has turned out to be many people’s smartphone of choice. Now, other smartphone makers tend to rap a skin on top of their Android operating system to give their smartphones a distinctive look that is different from others. These skins sometimes come with additional features, some of which are very useful while some are just not needed.

For example, there is an option to take a screenshot on some Samsung Galaxy smartphones just by swiping your palm across the screen from right to left or by swiping three fingers across the screen from top to bottom. These methods of taking a screenshot are exclusive to Samsung devices and other smartphone makers have theirs. However, Google is keeping things simple on the Google Pixel smartphones with an old and trusty way of taking a screenshot.

How To Screenshot On Google Pixel Phones

Like I said, Google is keeping things simple here and is only going with the default way to take screenshots across all its Android smartphones. You can do this by following the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the page you would like to take a screenshot of.
  2. Now press and hold the volume up and button simultaneously for about 3secs. You should hear a sound and see the shutter animation on the screen to tell you that your screenshot has just been taken.
  3. Swipe down the Notification tab to see the screenshot notification and from here you can share it or delete it.

This is not only the way to take screenshots on Google Pixel smartphones but also the way to take screenshots on any Android smartphone running Android 4.2 and above.

Alternatively, You can press and hold the power button and when the Menu pops up by the right-hand side with Power Off, Reboot Or Screenshot its options, simply tap the screenshot option to take a screenshot of the current page. This second method is also available on Google Pixel smartphones to run Android 9.0 Pie or Higher.

Telling your Google assistant to help you take a screenshot is also another way to go but can be time-consuming than the rest I’ve listed. Simply pull up the Google assistants either by saying “Hey Google” if you’ve registered your voice or simply use the dedicated Button then say “Take A Screenshot” while your Google assistant is listening. It takes a screenshot of your current screen and saves it to your gallery.


These are the known ways to screenshot on Google Pixel smartphones but more can be added in further Android updates. However, if you happened to have any problems with the ones listed in this guide or just don’t understand some of the steps above, do let us know through the comment section down below.


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