How to Share YouTube Offline Videos to WhatsApp, PC, and Android


Google’s YouTube Android app comes with a fantastic feature that allows its users to download and save videos for offline use whenever and wherever they feel like going back to watch them,  without necessarily requiring internet connectivity; though the video can only be played on the YouTube app and not on any other app.  This is so because the saved YT videos come in broken pieces of files, thus, making it difficult to share saved videos with other Android devices, PC, or on WhatsApp.

However, these files that are saved with the “.Exo”  file extension can be located basically on the internal storage of your device, found in this directory [Android]/[data]/[]/[files]/[Offline]. Although this can be changed to be stored on the SD Card but still won’t be accessible via other players.

Note that re-downloading the videos on the other device(s) won’t be necessary. Hence, with this step-by-step guide for sharing your offline videos, you will be equipped with the wherewithal to get the task done with no hassle.

Sharing Saved YouTube Offline Videos

To by-pass the sharing difficulty, we have put in place a number of procedures set to ease your experience in sending your offline saved YT videos with no data usage and also play well on any device. Sharing these videos can be achieved in one way by using external apps, such as ShareIt or Xender; or shared to either WhatsApp or PC.

Sharing Via Xender App

  • Locate and open the app on both devices
  • Initialize a connection with one of the devices and join the other with the created network.
  • From your Xender app on the device having the saved video(s), select and enter the storage (Internal or External), then browse through: [Android] /[data]/[]/[files]/[Offline]/[tap the next folder]/[press down on streams to select the folder and send].
  • Wait for it to finish sending and close the Xender app
  • Proceed to launch your YT app on the second device.
  • You can now open and search for the transferred videos on the YT app and then, select the “Save For Offline” option, and finally, choose the video quality just the same as the real video. Do note that no further re-downloading is required.
  • Repeat the last process in case you are not getting it at the first trial, and the video(s) will be automatically saved.

Sharing Via YouTube Go (Android and PC)

  • From Google Play Store, download YouTube Go on the two Android devices
  • Locate and open the app in your device, and then, sign up on the app and browse the app for preferred video(s).
  • There are two qualities (Basic and Standard) available for playing the video either online or saving for offline.
  • Navigate to the saved section and click on the “Send and Receive option”.
  • Tap the “Share” button to send your preferred video(s).
  • Now your device has turned into Hotspot connection. Go ahead and open the YouTube Go app on the second device, and then, navigate to the “Saved” section and finally click on the “Receive” button to accept the video(s) on the second device.

To carry out the above steps on your PC, I recommend you download Bluestacks Android emulator on your PC.

  • Launch and install the Android emulator.
  • Open the app and search for Google Play store within the app, sign in with your Google account. Once done, search and install the YouTube Go app on the Android emulator.
  • Under the YouTube Go App, choose your preferred video from your phone and click on the “Send” button.
  • Finally, on the YouTube Go app within the Android emulator, select the “Receive” button. Wait while your device scans for a nearby device(s).

Sharing Videos Via WhatsApp

  • Locate and open the YouTube app on your device.
  • Open the preferred video(s) that you will like to share with your friend(s).
  • Click on the “Share” icon located just at the top-right corner of the app. A pop-up window will come up showing a list of sending options.
  • Click on WhatsApp and proceed to select the recipient’s contact

With the steps highlighted above, you can share your favourite video(s) with your friends and family.


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