How to Swap your Old Phones with new Phones at Carlcare

Swap your Old Phones with new Phones

Do you have an old phone you are tired off? You can swap it for a new one with the new SWAP PLAN!

The CarlCare SWAP PLAN is a stunning new offer from Calcare in partnerships with Transsion Holdings – owners of Infinix, Tecno and Itel. With this plan, you can bring your old TECNO, Infinix, iTel, iPhone, Huawei, Xaomi, Oppo, Samsung, Vivo phones, etc to the Calcare centre in Lagos to get it swapped for a brand new smartphone. There are no limitations on the old phones you can swap!

Models of phones, you can SWAP to include:

  • TECNO Phantom 9
  • TECNO Pouvoir 2 pro
  • TECNO Pouvoir 3
  • TECNO Camon 11
  • TECNO Pouvoir 2 Air
  • TECNO Spark 2
  • TECNO Spark 3
  • TECNO Y2
  • TECNO POP 2 Pro

This is not a one-time event but an ongoing service. However, supported new devices will change timely depending on availability. You can visit this page for more details on their terms and conditions

Screen Protection/Policy Promo Service

The Calcare SWAP PLAN isn’t the only offers in sight. You can also enjoy the new Screen Protection service for your brand new swapped device. The Screen Protection service is insurance for your screen. When you buy this service, you stand 1 chance to replace your screen for free if broken any time in the future.

Also, when you participate in the SWAP PLAN, you will get 40% off the Screen Protection Service and a free Tempered Glass. This special offer will last until the 15th of August 2019.

How to participate in the Swap plan

  1. Visit any of the two supporting Calcare centers in Lagos.
  2. Calcare will estimate your old phone
  3. You will receive a range of devices based on their estimations.
  4. Submit your ID for identification and documentation
  5. Choose the device you want and pay the difference

And that’s it. It’s so easy!

Location for the CarlCare Swap Plan

The SWAP PLAN and assessment will only take place at the following Calcare centers in Lagos;

1.     Carlcare-CV(computer village)

No.5 (Municipal No7) Oba Akran Avenue Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria

HOTLINE: 08138615848, 08090011413, 09098834535

2.     CarlcareDS

Digital Square, 2nd Floor, No. 20, Obafemi Awolowo Way Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria HOTLINE: 09036003533

The CarlCare SWAP PLAN is an exciting offer, you can’t afford to miss. But even as you can enjoy the new plan over time, you must visit the Calcare centre between now and the 15th of August to enjoy the 40% discounts on Screen Protection Service.

Don’t forget to go along with a proof of identification such as a student ID, Driver’s license, PVC or National ID card. Your identification should be consistent with your bank account details. Your photograph may also be taken in events where they proof of ownership is not satisfactory.

You can reach their customer care representatives on WhatsApp @ 09030580058 if you have an additional request. Visit this page to view the Terms and Conditions for this new plan


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