How To Take Screenshot on your iPhone XS Max

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Learn how to take screenshot on iPhone XS Max. iPhone XS Max has a lot of amazing features. Apple iPhone XS Max does not have a Home button, so it might be a little bit complicated when you want to take screenshot on iPhone XS Max. The fact that iPhone XS Max does not have a home button, you can still do whatever you want to do. It might look complicated, but you will surely get used to it. Not having a home button on iPhone XS Max seems complicated because you might need to check your notifications bar, control centre, have a chat with Siri, to wake up your iPhone XS Max and many more.

How to Take Screenshot on iPhone XS Max

If you are on an application and you want to get back to your home page but since there is no home button unlike some other iPhone devices, You just need to swipe up starting from the bottom.

When you want to check your control centre on iPhone XS Max without the home button available. Place your finger on the top right corner and swipe down and if you want to switch to another application, swipe left or swipe right.

How to take screenshot on iPhone XS Max

On other iPhone devices, when you want to summon Siri and have a chat with her. You will need to long press on the home button but since there is no home button on an iPhone XS Max. You can just say “Hey Siri” or you can also long press the side button on the right corner of your iPhone.

Siri is an assistant part of Apple Inc. products. It is similar to Google assistant. Siri uses voice to answer questions and the user’s preferences. This intelligent personal assistant was released in the year 2011 and it is operated on Apple products such as iPad, Macintosh, iPod, Apple TV, Apple smartwatch and it is also available in different languages. Siri was first released into iPhone 4S. Siri functions are performing events, make phone calls and search the internet.

What is a Screenshot?

A screenshot is a picture that displays the visual output on the device. Screenshot means capturing the given data shown on your phone screen, it may be a chat from social media like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook or anything. It is easy to take a screenshot on your iPhone XS Max if it does not have a home button.

There are different methods of taking a screenshot on an iPhone XS Max device

Method one: Using Phone Buttons

  1. Try to search for the device volume up button which is on the right side of your phone and also the sleep button which is on the left side of the phone.
  2. Press the volume up and lock buttons at the same time to make a screenshot.

The screenshot you took on your device will be saved automatically on your camera roll, you can also edit the screenshot by cropping, magnifying or using colouring tools. You can also share screenshots with other people.

Method two: Using Assistive Touch

This is also another method to take a screenshot on your iPhone XS Max device with iOS version 12 by using assistive touch

Assistive Touch is used to control your device and perform some actions such as pinching and using Siri. You can also use assistive touch to take a screenshot on an iPhone XS Max device by following these steps

How to enable Assistive Touch

  1. Go to your settings
  2. Click on General
  3. Click on Accessibility.
  4. Then toggle on Assistive Touch.

After enabling your assistive Touch, to make a screenshot, you will need to

  1. Enable your Assistive Touch
  2. Go to your settings
  3. Click on General
  4. Click on Assistive touch button
  5. Click on customize top-level menu and scroll down to add a screenshot.

After doing the above procedures, to capture a screenshot, Open the Assistive touch button to open the menu and click on a screenshot.


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