How to Track Phone Number Current Location Online


The experience of having your phone stolen can be worrisome; learn how to track phone number location online in this article.    

We live in a world full of unexpected risk of harmful threats. If your mobile phone is stolen, apart from the loss of the device, you may also be at the risk of stolen data and documents. To avoid these issues, it is important to keep the old adage in mind: Prevention is better than cure.

However, if you have become a victim of this hapless incident, all hope is not lost to recover your phone. Thanks to advances in technology, you can easily determine the current location of any phone number inserted into your handset. We have a range of online phone location tracker tools and apps to help you with this.

These pieces of software can help you track an unknown phone number when you get calls regularly from such a number. Also, the sites and apps will provide you with the exact location of a phone number, and other information on the caller for free.

Let’s now dive deep into how to track phone number location online. But first, let’s understand how the phone tracking tech works.   

What Is the Working Principle behind Phone Number Location Tracking?

The major principle at work in tracing a phone number is Global Positioning System (GPS). The technology has a fantastic feature, which only few people know, and this is that it even works on your phone when the device is not connected to the Internet.

Today, all smartphones have GPS that helps you in determining the location of places and things, including a mobile phone. Essentially, the sites and apps for phone location tracking reviewed below, use GPS for tracking locations of phone numbers. When they obtain the GPS coordinates of such a number, they offer you its location. Thus even without Internet connectivity, you can track a number with ease, whether the mobile phone is online or offline.

Apart from these, GPS is also trackable via text messages and WhatsApp. While making use of these apps, you can share your location with people. This option has a number of uses, related to security. For instance, to know if your kid is safe wherever she is or where they are going, you can instantly track their mobile phone location with the tools.

Furthermore, these location trackers also come with several other utilities. But to enjoy these benefits, you need to consider the following factors when choosing a tracker.

Criteria for Selecting a Location Tracking App or Software

A mobile location tracker needs to be equipped with many features, which ensure your privacy & security in a lot of ways. However, you have to make sure the tracking tool is dependable.

These are 5 key features a quality tracking app/website must have:

  • The tool needs to allow the user to quickly and easily determine the location of any phone number or device.
  • It needs to provide real-time location for seamless tracking.
  • Location history must be readily accessible.
  • It has to be able to provide info on the phone number in question
  • It should have a feature for blocking spam numbers and calls from unknown people easily.

Location Tracking Sites for Tracing Mobile Number Current Location Online

Free Phone Tracer

As the name shows, this site is a free tool for tracking mobile number location online. You should first create an account to use it. Then, browse through the platform (this is an easy exercise due to its simple and smooth UI), and you’ll get a search bar on which you’ll input a phone number. Tap “Find Now” to find the location of the number.

You’ll find info on the device with the mobile number you’re looking for.

Apart from tracing numbers, the site is also useful for determining the location of landline numbers easily. Since it is powered by McAfee Security, the tool is 100% safe to use.

Online GPS Phone Tracker

Online GPS Phone Tracker is another site you can use for tracing a mobile phone number online free of charge. It offers you info on mobile location, including the name of the owner of the number, and other useful info on the phone user.

Just like the tool above, it also has a neat and smooth interface. To use it, simply enter the number you need tracked, pick the country, and SIM operator name (this is optional). Then, press the “Search Now” feature.

After that, the website will now begin scanning, and it will show the data for you to view. It also works in determining location of landline numbers.

GPS Cell Phone Locator

This is also an excellent platform to trace phone numbers for free. It is easy to use. To get started, all you are required to do is to input the country code, along with the number in question. Now, tap “Search Phone Now” to see the results.

It works with all phones and devices and is compatible on different platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry.

Third-Party Apps to Track Mobile Number Exact Location


Truecaller is a trendy mobile location/identity tracker app that offers you info on the location of any number and related info. It is compatible with Android and iOS and works seamlessly on devices running on these mobile platforms.

Truecaller is handy to obtain info on the current location of a phone number, know the name of the owner of a phone number, and block spam calls and messages. It is the best tool for getting rid of malicious or spam calls/messages.

Download Truecaller for Android or iOS for free.

Mobile Number Tracker Pro

This is also a great tool you can use for finding the current location of a phone number. It requires a reliable internet connection to work. Further, Mobile Number Tracker Pro works smoothly on iOS and Android.

It helps you track a mobile number from its database from more than 200 countries and also obtain ISD and STD codes to determine the phone numbers tracked for you. While working in the background, the tool will notify you when the tracking is complete.

Mobile Number Locator

Another app worthy of mention in this article on how to track phone number location online is Mobile Number Locator. It will let you trace any mobile phone number for free. The software, which offers a responsive and intuitive interface, also has advanced tools that serve other purposes apart from tracking numbers.

One of these is that it works as a mobile number identifier, providing details of a call from an unknown party. Also, it lets you search for any phone number and obtain information on the owner, including the location.

Furthermore, Mobile Number Locator also allows you to find a global mobile phone as well as landline codes. It is a wonderful tool for conveniently tracing the exact location of a mobile number on a map as the tracking feature of the app has a 3D Google Map that will points to the precise location of the phone in question, enabling you to navigate the place easily.

Also, the software works fine even when your Android has no Internet connection.  

GPS Phone Tracker

GPS Phone Tracker is one of the most popular apps for tracing mobile numbers, downloaded over 10 million times on Google Play. It comes with remarkable features for determining the location of any phone number, with real-time results, and works smoothly even when your device is not connected to the Internet.

Once you download the software from the Play Store and install it on your Android, it’ll show you the precise location of the phone at all times. If your mobile phone gets lost, on the linked phone, you can check the location it was left behind. Also, if your device gets stolen, it lets you share the phone location with law enforcement agencies and request their help to get the phone back.

These options show that the GPS Phone Tracker app is another alternative you can try out to locate a stolen or lost phone and trace your partner. But it is not a discreet tool and will not help you in anonymously tracking a cell phone location.

Apart from these drawbacks, it is a nice tool you would really love. In addition to helping you find phone location, it offers you other useful features, such as movement tracking, location sharing, and emergency assistance.

Concluding Thoughts

In today’s post, you have learnt how to how to track phone number location online. We have reviewed a couple of websites, which render phone number tracking services. Fortunately, these platforms are free to use and highly responsive. Also, we looked at 4 apps you can download to your device for free to determine the location of any phone number. The pieces of tracking software, which are compatible with Android and/or iOS, also offer other features and perks other than tracing phone number location. They also help you obtain information on the identity of an unknown caller, location sharing, among others.


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