How to turn off YouTube autoplay videos

Turn off YouTube Autoplay Video

I will be showing you how to turn off YouTube autoplay videos. A few months ago, Google updated its YouTube app and added a feature that’s quite annoying to lots of users. Imagine watching a video and another unnecessary video starts playing immediately after that, now, that’s not cool.

However, there’s an option that lets you turn it off completely, so videos won’t just start playing after watching a specific video. With this control, you get to choose the videos you watch, and stop other videos from playing immediately you are done watching a particular video.

How to turn off YouTube autoplay videos on the App

If you just installed the YouTube app, open it. If this is the first time you’re opening the app, you should receive a pop-up notification about how videos with autoplay. If you click “Got It”, then you accept for random videos to play after watching a video.

But if you click “Settings”, it will take you to the settings page, where you can turn off YouTube autoplay.

Turn off YouTube Autoplay Videos

If this isn’t your first time of opening the YouTube app, just click on the avatar icon in the upper right corner to go to your account page.

Click on “Settings”, select the “Autoplay” option, you can now toggle it off.

There’s another option below to turn off YouTube autoplay on the homepage. There’s no toggle here though, so you have to click on it and you’ll see “Always On”,Wi-Fi Only” or “Off”.

You can turn it off if you don’t want videos to play on the homepage, or you can choose “Wi-Fi Only” and allow videos play in the background only when you’re on Wi-Fi.

This is how to turn off YouTube autoplay videos on the app, you can also turn it off on the site if you’re logged in with the same method.


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