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How to use Airtel free browsing on Pc with Psiphon

airtel free browsing cheat

This tutorial will show you how to enjoy Airtel free browsing cheat on Laptop using Psiphon Handler. After you have successfully set it up you will be able to download and browse on your Laptop for free.

Pls note that before you can enjoy the Airtel browsing cheat, some settings for your Pc are needed and also you will need some tools and files. So let’s go straight into the tutorial.

Requirements to browse free on Airtel

  • You need a Modem/MiFI or Smartphone Hotspot
  • Your PC
  • Thereafter, download Psiphon handler for PC
  • Get your Airtel SIM

If you have met the following requirements, you can now follow the settings

How to set up Airtel free browsing cheat on pc with psiphon


  • First, download psiphon handler for pc hereand install
  • Thereafter, Connect your Pc to the internet via modem/MiFi or use your android phone Hotspot (ensure no VPN is connected on the phone while you share hotspot )
  • Now, Launch the installed Psiphon on your pc
  • Go to settings and locate “Upstream proxy
  • Now input the following in Upstream proxy;
  • Host: 24.248.150
  • Port: 8080


airtel free browsing cheat

Click on Apply this settings, and change Psiphon server region to Singapore, wait few seconds for it to connect

When Psiphon shows connected, then you will need to configure Mozilla Firefox and Chrome Browser to work with Psiphon handler on pc.

How to configure Mozilla Firefox for Airtel free browsing on pc with Psiphon handler

  • launch your Mozilla firefox browser and click on menu at the top right corner, thereafter click on the option from the drop down menu
  • Now click on “Advanced”
  • Once in advance, Click on “Network”and select “Settings”
  • The connection Settings window should pops out now,
  • tick“Use System Proxy Settings” and Click “OK”  to save the new proxy setting.

airtel free browsing cheat

For Chrome users. Follow the procedure below to configure Chrome Browser

  • launch your Chrome Browser, and Click on the dotted icon at the top right corner,
  • Now click on ” Search Setting”

Now type “Proxy”you should see “Change proxy settings” option and click on it, better still scroll down while on settings tab and Click on Advance

airtel free browsing cheat

It should pop out your chrome browser Internet properties, now click on “LAN Settings” and then tick the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” as seen below

airtel free browsing cheat

Finally, click on “OK” to save the settings, you can now start blazing hot and downloading

This is end of the tutorial on how to enjoy Airtel free browsing cheat on Laptop using Psiphon Handler.


  1. is it still working as at today being 31st august 2017? what if there is subscription on your sim? will it still work?


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