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How To Use CocoSpy to track and Spy Messages For Free

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Relationships are full of hypocrisy and scepticism. One must be aware of the activities being done by the other one in a relationship. You just need to know what your boyfriend is doing online and to be secure in relation to keep it from rotting. For this, you may need a spy application that will help you to gain access to your boyfriend’s phone without letting her know so you can be aware of what she is doing online.

Cocospy is a free application tool for stealthy spying and is a World-Famous tool to spy on a person in all aspects. It has attained popularity due to its unique service and proper results. It is available for both the Android and iPhone.

Girlfriends are a sceptic in a relationship, they always try to figure out what their boyfriends are doing on their phones all time they may ask, how can I see my boyfriends text messages without him knowing”? such questions can be easily answered by the usage of the World famous application of Cocospy.

Cocospy is now well renowned by the pioneering digital markets such as PC World, New York Times, Top Ten Reviews, Life hacker, Forbes, Android Authority, CNET, PCMag, TechRadar, Tom’s Guide, Digital Trends, as well as life wire. All of these digital company fame Cocospy as a brilliant tool for spying and term it as a great application for phone monitoring effortlessly.

Cocospy is an application used by millions of people globally to ensure safe-spying and message-tracking. It is commonly used by parents to keep a track of their children’s activities and is also used to spy on people you are endangered from. This useful spying software i.e. Cocospy can help you easily track the activities of your Boyfriend and keep a check on him anonymously.

How Cocospy Tracks Your Boyfriend’s Phone?

1.     Create A Free Cocospy Account:

Sign-up for free on the Cocospy application. This will need you to create a free account on the Cocospy application and gain access to your boyfriend’s phone and download the application on his mobile phone. If you are an iPhone user, enter the iCloud credentials. Which are required for a proper spying procedure?

2.     Enter The Credentials:

Being an iPhone user, it is comparatively hard to compete with Android due to its easy accessibility. Hence, you may need to enter the iCloud credentials and fill the spacing between the required credentials in order to get the application working on the target phone.

3. Run The Application On Your Boyfriend’s Phone:

Once the details are filled, you can easily access the target phone and link it up with your phone. The application will spy on the target’s phone without letting the particular person know since the Cocospy application hides its icon and prevents the privacy of being spied by either hiding its icon or either limiting the battery usage.


Once the application is securely downloaded on the phone of the target. Begin your spying process on your phone by opening the control panel of Cocospy and being guided with every detail on the dashboard provided by the Cocospy application. You can now easily track all of the activities of the boyfriend from the keylogger option through which the excessive details are displayed.

Differentiating Characteristics Of Cocospy:

1.     Text Spying

Cocospy Mobile Tracker

The Cocospy can help you track the messages being received or sent by your boyfriend’s phone and help you know who he is in contact with on his phone. Since many problems arise from text messaging. You can now spy on live text messages being sent or received by your boyfriend.

2.     Live Call Tracking

The live call tracker effectively tracks the calls being placed on made by the target’s phone and provides you a maximum 30 minute recording time for better tracking and call monitoring. Thus, you can now easily hear the conversation taking place between your boyfriend and other person’s hence leading to easy spying.

3.     Location Tracker

The Cocospy application can help you know where your boyfriend is by using GPS technology. This application can help you track the live and accurate location. You can now check out whether your man is lying or is speaking the truth with the help of this application.

4.     GEO-Fence Alert:

The GEO-Fence alert can is a brilliant tracking tool. It marks an imaginary boundary to the allocated and allowed territory and whenever the boundary is transgressed, the application will send you a warning that the subjects are going out of the permissible grounds. By this method, you can now check if your boyfriend is going out of the safe zone or whether it is necessary for you to keep a further check on him or whether he is in safe territory.

5.     Social Media Tracking

Social Media Tracking

The Cocospy application can track the social media activities of your boyfriend, Various social media application like Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, and Snapchat arise different complications, online relationships and cheating occurs on these applications the most. You can now check the social media of your man through the help of this application and it will let you keep aware of all the internet persons your boyfriend is in contact with and will help you to cause a stance that will lead to its treatment.


Keeping in view, all of the dangers that prevail nowadays and the insecurities offered by your self-respect regarding the insecurities caused by your boyfriend. It is highly advised for you to use a trusted application like Cocospy and keep a track and check on your boyfriend’s

From call, text, location tracking to the Geo-fence alert. With a spying tool like Cocospy, you can be informed all the times about what your boyfriend is doing all the time on his phone and devise a proper conclusion to the relation.

This article was based on the extensive utilities of Cocospy and spying tools offered by it. Hope it describes the content wisely so you can use it in a more sophisticated manner and no sceptical approach to entrusting it as your spy



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