How to use Face ID on TECNO Devices [Camon X , X Pro, Spark 2 and Pouvoir 2]

Tecno camon X Pro display

See how to use Face ID on TECNO phones and I will be using the Camon X as a guide. TECNO Camon X was introduced by Tecno earlier this month. The smartphone boast of the trending facial identification technology, known as Face ID. With this feature, you can easily unlock your device and other apps with your face.

The device has a rear fingerprint scanner which can be used, for those that don’t like the Face ID feature. The Face ID is very convenient to use, more secure and unlocks faster as well. When you are fast asleep, your finger could easily be used to unlock the device. But if you activate Face ID, it will be very difficult for someone to unlock your device without trying too hard.

How to use Face ID on TECNO

Using Face ID on the TECNO Camon X is very simple and hassle-free. In this article, I will be telling you how to activate the Face ID feature on the device. I will also let you know how to use Face ID on TECNO Camon X seamlessly to unlock apps and the device in general. Without further ado, this is how to use Face ID on TECNO Camon X and how to lock apps.

How To Activate and Set Up Face ID on TECNO Camon X

Activating and setting up Face ID on TECNO Camon X is very easy and hassles free. Just follow the instructions in the video from Eric Okafor or read through the article if you can watch the video and enjoy using the Face ID feature.

  • Click on the Face ID app on the phone,

You’ll be prompted to use a Pattern, Pin or Password to gain access to the feature. This is mandatory if you haven’t chosen one before for the phone. Note: you have to remember the Pattern, Pin or Password if you ever want to deactivate the feature.

  • When you are in, click on “Enroll Face ID”

Keep your device at a distance between 20cm to 50cm from your face. Make sure your face is fully visible in the circle shown above. That’s it, you have activated Face ID.

How To Lock Apps with Face ID on TECNO Camon X

Locking private apps is one of the reasons the Face ID technology came into existence. You can now lock all the apps you want exclusive access to and apps you don’t want friends and family from opening.

  • Click on the Face ID app

Toggle all the keys below depending on what you want.

Unlock Screen: When you turn this ON, you can use Face ID to unlock your home screen.

Access App Unlock: Turn this ON to easily unlock specific apps with Face ID (Will show you how to unlock each of the apps below).

Face Fill Light: Turning this ON will all enough light either from the screen or front LED flash to show on your face for easy unlock in a low light environment.

To lock specific apps, make sure you turn ON the “Access App Unlock” toggle.

  • Open the Phone Master app
  • Click on the “Toolbox” icon below
  • Click on “App Lock”

You will now see all the apps on your phone and you can lock the ones you want from here. Once you lock an app, you can either use Face ID to unlock at a glance or the Pattern, Pin or Password you chose.

This is how to use Face ID on TECNO Camon X. Did it work for you? Please let us know in the comment section how you feel about the Face ID on TECNO Camon X.


  1. wow thanks for this tutorial let me check it out on my Tecno L9 plus.


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