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How To Use The WhatsApp Business App, Features and How to Download

How To Download WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp is globally the most used app in the world, with over 1.3 billion active users. With that number, WhatsApp is definitely the best place for businesses to connect with their customers. Over time people now use WhatsApp to connect with their favourite businesses, either for complaints or enquiries.

WhatsApp Business App

From beauty stores in the US to fashion stores in the UK. There are so many businesses that need to reach their customers via WhatsApp. Although, WhatsApp was initially built solely for people to connect with friends and family. It won’t hurt to improve the business experience, making businesses available to their customers 24/7.

With the new App ‘WhatsApp Business’ now available on the Play Store for businesses. Companies and Businesses can now respond directly to their customers, creating an official presence on the App.

How To Download WhatsApp Business App

The new App is free to download from the Play Store, enabling businesses to have a WhatsApp presence. Customers can now add the business’ WhatsApp number to chat them up. Customers will see that the account is not a personal account but a business account.

How Does The WhatsApp Business Work?

・Business Profiles: Businesses will have an official presence/profile on WhatsApp through the new App. They can easily help clients/customers with any complaints or enquiries. Tell customers their business description, email or store addresses, and website.

Messaging Tools

The new App has lots of new messaging tools that will get new updates with time. Businesses can give quick replies and fast answers to frequently asked questions. Additionally, there’s an automatic greeting message that introduces customers to your business immediately they chat you up. There’s also an instant away message to let your customers know that you aren’t available at the moment.

Messaging Statistics

Businesses can view simple metrics on the new App to see the number of messages received. The metrics also shows the number of messages sent and read, to improve the Business approach to customers.

WhatsApp Web

Yes, the new WhatsApp Business is also available on PC. You can now send and receive messages with WhatsApp Business on your desktop.

Account Type

Yes, people will know that they are chatting with a Business Account. Gradually, WhatsApp will be verifying Business Accounts because of scam. Business Accounts should have ‘Confirmed Accounts’ with time. This will let customers know that they are chatting with the right account.

How Can WhatsApp Business Verify Their Account?

Businesses can confirm their account as long as their account phone number matches the business phone number.

For the average WhatsApp user, you don’t need to download the new App to chat with your favourite Business. WhatsApp users can also block any Business number, as well as report spam.

This App was built since Businesses now uses WhatsApp to reach out to their customers in the most country. And most times the customer won’t be very sure its actually the Business WhatsApp number.

How To Download WhatsApp Business App

The new App ‘WhatsApp Business’ is available today on Google Play Store and free to download on the web as well. The App is currently available to users in the US, the UK, Mexico, Italy and Indonesia. WhatsApp Business should be available worldwide in the coming weeks.



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