How You Can Lock and Unlock Your Phone With Google Assistant


Will you like to lock and Unlock your phone with Google Assistant? If your answer to my question is in the affirmative, then, you on the right page as I will be showing you how to lock and unlock your phone with Google Assistant.

Virtual AI assistants are changing the way people do things today. Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana are the few giants in the virtual AI assistant world. With a simple text or voice command, anyone can now monitor traffic, watch videos, play music and do so much more with virtual AI assistants.

The Google Assistant was unveiled in 2016 but released to most Android phones in February 2017. Just with a voice command of “OK Google”, you can search the web, schedule events, adjust the settings on your device, show information on your google account and do lots more. Google has promised that in the nearest future, the AI assistant will be able to make buying decisions and make payments.

How to Lock and Unlock Your Phone With Google Assistant

Among the great features of google assistant is its phone locking ability. However, this service is available on Android devices running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above. Once you meet this requirement, locking and unlocking your phone with your voice will become a possibility.

First things first,

Your phone must have an existing secured lock screen in the form of a password, fingerprint, pattern or PIN.

  • Next, go to your security settings
  • Click on the smart lock section, input your pattern, PIN or password. In the event of the absence of SMART LOCK, go to settings and to security, scroll down and you will see TRUSTED AGENTS.

 lock and unlock your phone with Google Assistant

  • Select TRUSTED VOICE or VOICE Match as the case may be

 unlock your phone with Google Assistant

  • Put on the service by tapping “Say “Ok Google” anytime”.
  • Next, you will go through the simple process of helping Google to recognize your voice.

Lock your phone with OK Google

  • click on retrain voice and input your PIN, pattern or fingerprint
  • You will have to train Google to recognize your voice by saying OK Google. This will set you apart from other people that might want to unlock your phone. Click I Agree to continue

Ok Google

  • Click Finish when you are done.

There you have it guys. I want to believe you were able to lock and unlock your phone with Google Assistant after going through the tutorial above. Even though this service is not entirely supported by Google Assistant and might take a little while to get it fully working, it is a great tool to use when your hands are soiled or when the kids are about grabbing your device.


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