Huawei 12,000mAh PowerBank with Two-Way 40W SuperCharge Has been Launched

Huawei 12,000mAh PowerBank

A new 12000mAh PowerBank with two-way 40W Super Charge has been launched by Huawei. Other things that the company unveiled during the event include; smart sunglasses, earphones, and new Watch GT editions.

The new power bank came with two USB ports. The USB – A port came with 40W maximum output. But it is only meant for devices that are compatible with the supercharge standards. They are the ones that can benefit from this maximum speed. The USB – C serves as the second port. It offers power delivery charging. Which means that you can quick – charge other devices that are not Huawei brand with it. The power bank also came with an LED light indicator and also the usual power button.

You can use the new power bank to charge the Huawei P30 up to 70% within 30 minutes with the 40W SuperCharge. And you can charge up the power bank within 2h 14minutes at the 40W rate. Outside of that, you will have to endure for more than 5 hours with the normal 10W charging.

The power bank is available in White and Blue colours and weighs just 227 grams. You can get the power bank for €99. Huawei is yet to disclose if the power bank is available for purchase now. The company just took down the official page. And we hope that the page will reveal more about the power bank once it is back online.


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