Instagram launches Reels to compete with viral TikTok

Instagram launches Reels

Instagram officially launched a new feature called ‘Reel’. It is a feature on the platform that allows users to record and edit multi-clip 15-seconds videos with audio and new creative tools.

Many pundits perceive this move as one taken in order to rival/compete with TikTok – the viral and controversial platform that has taken the social media world by storm.

The Reel feature is already available in 50 countries worldwide and can be found in the Instagram camera which is the bottom at the top left corner. The feature comes with a variety of tools to ensure you have a perfect and desired editing. Some of those tools are AR effects, audio, Timer, Countdown e.t.c. It is obviously a direct competition with TikTok.

There is no special way to share ‘Reels’, it adopts the sharing method of Live videos or Regular posts. A reel can be found in the Feed or Discovery tab, but if your privacy settings are set to Private, then only people who follow your account can watch the Reel.

Instagram is yet to release a full list of countries where the Reel is available. But we do know it is available in Brazil where it was originally tested. Other notable countries that have it include Nigeria, United Kingdom, United States, India, France, Japan, Australia, and Germany.

Make sure you’re running the latest version of Instagram on your device. If you aren’t, head to your phone’s app store to download it.


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