Instagram Login – How to Sign Into Instagram with Facebook

Instagram Login with facebook

With the takeover of Instagram social media network by Facebook, it is now quite easier to sign into Instagram with Facebook.

Do you have an Instagram account and would like to log in with your Facebook? If yes, then continue reading this post as we provide you with everything you need to know about Instagram Login using Facebook.

Facebook has acquired Instagram for some time now and they are now making it easier for users to sign into Instagram with their Facebook account. What this means is that Facebook users will be able to log into their Instagram account directly on the Facebook platform. The login link can be found on the Facebook home page and it leads to an easy transition from the Facebook homepage to the Instagram feed.

How to Sign Into Instagram with Facebook

Instagram Login

Instagram Login with Facebook is a straightforward process. Though, you can only log in to your Instagram account via Facebook if you have given the permission required on your Instagram account. If you haven’t, follow the steps or guidelines below to get it done;

• Go to Instagram official website

• Click on the “login with Facebook” button option.

• Click on it and enter your Facebook login details, i.e. e-mail or phone number and password, and tap the “Log in” button.

• After that, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure required for you to access your Instagram feed on Facebook.

Instagram Login Issues

How to Troubleshoot Instagram Login with Facebook

Sadly, there are some Instagram login issues you might experience in the process. But don’t worry about it as we’ll be providing you with ways to solve them ahead of time. If you can’t log in to your Instagram because of the wrong password, follow the steps below to reset your password;

• Go to the official password reset page on Instagram

• Then enter your email or name in the space provided.

• Go to your email address for a reset link that logs you back into your Instagram account.

For Android users – choose between “use email or username”, “send an SMS” or “Visit with Facebook” and then provide your information and follow the on-screen directions.

For iOS Tools – Click on the “Phone” or “Username”. Provide your email address, phone number or username, then click “Send Login Link”. Then follow the on-screen guidelines to reset the password.

For Internet users – Click on “Failed to Remember” in the password box provided and follow the on-screen instructions to reset the password.


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