iOS 11 Review: 10 Best iOS 11 Features-Control center, Do Not Disturb Mode and Lots More

iOS 11 Review

iOS 11 Review

My iOS 11 Review: When Apple first announced in June 2017 their latest OS – the iOS 11, we were buzzing at the prospect of the taking this new OS for a spin. Even then, we knew we would have to wait till September to get our hands on a device running the OS. Now that the iOS 11 has been released and made available to the public, we will take you through the amazing features and improvements on previous versions of the iOS ecosystem.

Depending on who you ask; you will be told the iOS 11 comes with loads of new cool features – that is true, others will talk about hundreds of hidden features – that also is right. Our focus, however, will be on those features that affect your everyday user experience on the iOS 11 ecosystem. Here is my iOS 11 Review.

iOS 11 Review: Features and Uses

New Control Center

The Control centre on iOS 11 has received a major face-lift from what obtained on its predecessor. The new Control centre offers much flexibility and customization, meaning, you can now determine which apps or functions feature on your Control centre. There is quicker access to your favourite and most often used functions, What’s more? The new control centre on iOS 11 features a full page mode.

Improved Storage capacity

The iOS 11 features Apple’s latest compression technology which gives you almost twice as much storage space for images and videos as was on iOS 10. This means you can get more out of the storage space on your device and capture all those beautiful moments without worrying about storage space.

To activate this amazing feature, launch the Settings app, click on Photos, then “Optimize iPhone Store”.

Redesigned Lockscreen

The lock screen on iOS 11 is another feature that has witnessed great improvement. You can now swipe up from anywhere on your screen to view all notifications. You can also hide notifications based on your preference. All notifications; recent and missed have now been placed in one place for easy access.

Siri now translates

Apple’s virtual assistant “Siri” has received major improvements and upgrades on the iOS 11. Siri now has a more natural-sounding voice and is way more advanced than on previous versions. Advanced AI and machine learning have made Siri smarter on the iOS 11. Also, Siri can now translate words in English to other languages like German, Spanish and Chinese and speak back to you in these languages if you want. Siri is said to be able to translate into about 34 languages – cool, very cool.

Quicktype Keyboard

Apple’s inbuilt keyboard features major modifications and improvements on iOS 11. The keyboard features improved word auto-suggestion and has been optimized for a single-hand mode. It is more fun to use with new emojis and an aesthetic interface.

Consolidated Files app

On the iOS 11, you can now browse, search and organise all files on your devices from one place using the new Files app. You can also manage and categorise files on your iPad; other iOS devices, iCloud drive and Dropbox using the new Files app.

Improved Apple Maps

The Apple Maps received many improvements on the iOS 11. It has been optimized for accuracy in both indoor and outdoor modes. You can now use your Apple Maps to locate which floor your favourite store is in a mall. With the more accurate lane feature, you don’t have to worry about getting lost in twists and turns, as the new Apple Maps on iOS 11 has you covered.

More versatile Camera

More interesting filters have been into the Camera on this version of the iOS. The camera now doubles as a QR code scanner. Live photos can now be taken during Facetime calls, with all participants getting a notification when a screenshot is made.

Do Not Disturb Mode

Apple has included in its iOS 11 a feature that could literally “save your life”. This feature hides all notifications and alerts to avoid distractions when you are driving and your phone is placed in the car. It also notifies everyone trying to contact you that you are driving.

iOS 11 Review: Quickstart

On the iOS 11, setting up your iOS device just got easier with the Quickstart feature. Just hold your new iPhone/iPad near an iOS device to automatically sign in with your Apple ID. Your settings, preferences and contents are automatically imported to your new iOS device.

These and other exciting features are testimonies to the very amazing iOS 11. Upgrade your device to the new iOS today and let us know which of the numerous exciting features you consider to have the most impact on your daily life. For us, we find the “Do Not Disturb” feature very useful and handy.

Above is my iOS 11 Review, let me know which is your best features of the iOS 11.


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